8 Impactful Ways For Men To Level Up Their Appearance

Many among us believe that buying costly outfits can help enhance your appearance. That’s not true at all. Expensive attire is never the key to a stylish appearance. There are other, impactful factors that need to be kept in mind too. Let’s jump into ways men can level up their appearance in a smart way.

Signature Scent

One of the most underrated yet highly effective tips we would like to suggest is to choose your scent. To many, this advice might sound silly but this makes a huge difference. It adds life to your overall appearance. Try and test out the scent of your choice. It could be a strong, woody, warm, oriental, or fresh smell. Find out an aroma that suits your persona and set your signature. It may not necessarily be a Channel or Gucci smell; it can be any budget-friendly fragrance too.

Take care of your Skincare Regime

Did we just see some thumbs down for this suggestion? Well, wait, allow us to explain further. Skincare is not gender-dependent. Every individual irrespective of their gender needs to take care of their skin. There are many issues like blackheads, whiteheads, pores, acne, and many more. Dealing with them needs a proper skincare regime. And by skincare regime, we don’t mean washing your hair, face, and body with soap. That’s not a skincare regime and that’s nothing to be proud of.

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Just imagine getting all dressed up and struggling with the oil accumulation over your skin. Those huge pores and dull skin with no moisturizing can make your entire look go to level zero. This is where you need a good skincare routine.

Clothes that Fit

On asking many men, a common answer observed was- “We wear comfortable clothes. Comfort is our fashion.”

Yes, we agree but going for a loose-fitted cloth isn’t the right thing in many scenarios. If there’s an instance where you need to suit up, then the loose and comfortable philosophy might make you look like a sack of cloth. Also, baggy clothes are a trend but overly loose-fitted clothes can take away your style game if not paired up properly. So before you choose your outfits, check the fit!

Watch it!

If you love to wear a watch, then why not turn it into something as important as a statement piece? Be it a smartwatch, a good old analog watch, or a simple digital one. If you own one, try to pair it up with your outfit. It never goes offbeat!

If you are going for something traditional then try to settle for a simple analog one. And if it’s a casual look, then a smartwatch would be great to add on.

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Confused color system

Okay, peeps, we understand your dilemma about color combinations. What to pair with which color and how to wear them to complement your fashion. So, let’s get the basics clear first.

  1. Contrast is pairing up two opposite colors in such a way as to complement each other.

2. You can also try a simple monochromatic look. In this, you play with different shades of the same color.

Many try out this with black as their safe option but you can go for brown, or burgundy shades too. Below shown are different options to try out from the color chart. As you can see the line, triangle, and other shapes show the color options that go well with each other.


Many a time, we have seen movies showing heroes wearing jackets as their style statement. This is due to the very reason that jackets have this incredible ability to hold up an entire look. Well, jackets could be simple denim jackets, neutral, or even fancy leather ones. They instantly add a brownie point to your style. When in dilemma, seek their help to add some spice to your entire attire.

Groomed look

A properly groomed look is more effective than a shabby one. Groom yourself! Trim that beard, make it look classy and if done right, your look instantly levels up. Not just that, pay attention to your hair too. If long, then style it to make it a man bun. If you are going for a messy look, ensure that the texture and curl stands out. These minute details make a huge difference.

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One of the most important parts of your overall look is your footwear. Shoes, sneakers, boots, you name it, every attire needs relevant footwear to add color to your outfit. For example, the footwear you would choose to pair with your shorts would be entirely different from what you would use for a classy suit.

These were some of our suggestions to men who wish to level up their appearance. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any.

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