6 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Larger Pores

Believe it or not, your skin is the most precious thing in the world and taking care of it is like taking care of a baby. You’ve got to build a strong connection with your skin to ensure that it’s free from any kind of discomfort. Yes, the process isn’t a piece of cake, but the more importance you give to your skin, the smoother and natural complexion you achieve. 

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Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most major skin problems people face (and are tired of, to be honest) – large pores! For the uninitiated, the tiny dots that you see on your skin are called pores. The size of your pores is dependent on your genes. In general, people tend to like smaller pores which are known to give any complexion a major smooth boost. While it is practically impossible to control the size of our pores, we can take steps to ensure that we don’t make our pores look larger and take steps to minimize its appearance.  By the time you’ll be done reading this article, you’ll get a clear picture of what not to do if you want the pores on your skin to look fine and clear of impurities.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate

We’ve said this before and we’re going to say this again. The key to glowing skin is hydration. Drink water, more water if you can. It will automatically reflect on to your face. You can also sprinkle rose water on your face if you feel like it’s dry. Toners that are lightweight but deeply hydrating actually works, if that’s the route you want to try. 

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Avoid Extracting Blackheads (And Whiteheads)

Some of us are guilty of forcibly irritating the skin by popping pimples. There are days where we assume that there’s something on our skin and try to pop it, assuming that it’s a whitehead or a blackhead. And by the time you realise it isn’t, you’ve already done harm. You either rupture the pimple inside causing it to grow in size or leave a scar the next day. You can avoid all of this if you stop obsessing over every single spot on your skin and let it be till it vanishes away, which it will. 


Retouching Your Makeup Is A Really Bad Idea

Many people have the tendency to retouch their makeup in the middle of the day by padding an extra layer of powder to make their skin look dry. Well, that’s the worst thing you can do to your skin. So when you pad powder to your skin, you’re adding an extra layer of powder on top of your makeup, in addition to the dirt and impurities that’s attached itself to your face. Just thinking of it left you with a disgusting feeling, right? Instead what you could do is cleanse your face thoroughly and re-apply the makeup. That’ll do the work just fine.


Over Exfoliating Is A Sin 

Let’s admit it, we all love to exfoliate our skin because the feeling of those tiny scrubs on your face, massaging your skin to glory, is pure bliss. But, when you over-exfoliate your skin, you’re literally irritating your skin. As a consequence, your skin produces excess sebum and enlarges your pores, draining all the glow it originally had. 


Don’t Constantly Use Oil Blotting Paper

Oil blotting paper is one of the best creations in the world of beauty. But if you use it twice or thrice a day, it’s gonna ruin your skin. Period. What the blotting paper does is that while it clears off excess oil, it doesn’t solve the problem. In turn, you will only produce more oil. We recommend that you use it once a day. That way, you don’t harm your skin or your pores in any way.


Keep Track Of Your Sweet Intake

We hate to say this out loud, but the appearance of your pores is also dependent on your sugar intake. Put differently, the more sugar you intake, the more oily your skin becomes. Sugary food spikes the insulin levels in your body, which only furthers the production of sebum. This will most likely clog your pores. See, we’re not asking you to avoid sugary food items completely, but you can totally reduce the amount you consume. 


Avoiding these six habits will clear off all skin blemishes and excess sebum. The whole idea is to balance out the natural oil and water in your skin, making your skin feeling baby soft, reducing large and dirty pores. Cheers to healthy-looking skin!

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