Beard Shaping Tools That Malayali Men Should Know About

Do you know what makes a beard look great? Patience, self-care, and beard shaping tools. Looking after your beard is like taking care of your indoor garden (if you have any). It is a responsibility. So if you have embarked on a beard growing journey, take a look at these beard shaping tools that will come in handy.

The Styling Tool Comb

What this comb does is help you get that perfect trim. You no longer will have to worry about your beard growing in the wrong direction. You can easily use this comb with a razor or clipper. For different shaping choices, all you have to do is adjust the styling tool comb the way you want. If you are seriously looking to amplify your jawline, this is the tool you are searching for.

Buy it here for INR 369.

Beard Shaping Tools

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Beard Comb and Styling Shaping Template

Be it curve or straight cheek lines, extra clean necklines, curve or straight goatee lines or the perfect sideburns, this transparent beard shaping tool will do the job.

Buy it here for INR 199.

Beard Comb and Styling Shaping Template

Beard Pen Styler Razor

This is a precision trimmer. It is used to shave the area that is the hardest to reach. The micro guards in the razor prevent any cutting on the skin. You can use it on your sideburns, cheeks and even under your nose. You also get a protective cap that can be placed on the blade after use.

Buy it here for INR 379.

Beard Shaping Tools

Pocket Size Beard Brush

Do you constantly play with your beard unknowingly? This can cause harm to your beard growth. The solution lies in this beard brush. Instead of brushing through your bristles with your fingers, use this brush instead. It can tame your rough and tangled beard while exfoliating the skin underneath.

Buy it here for INR 325.

Pocket Size Beard Brush

Electric Beard Straightener

We bet you didn’t know that you could use a straightener on your beard. The best way to tame an unruly beard is by using a straightener. The comb on the straightener acts as a protective layer against the heating plate. This prevents your beard hair from overturning.

Buy it here for INR 499.

Beard Shaping Tools

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Beard Bib

Tired of messing up your bathroom after a beard trim? Look no further than this beard bib. This bib has an adjustable velcro grip that can easily fit around your neck. It also comes with good-quality suction cups that can attach to a mirror easily.

Buy it here for INR 399.

Beard Bib

These are some of the most efficient and budget-friendly beard styling tools you can get right now. What are you waiting for? Have a beard-tastic day!

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