This Artist From Kerala Makes Embroidered Portraits That Are Absolutely Stunning

You have an occasion coming. It could be a friend’s birthday, a couple’s anniversary or even your parent’s birthday. Finding the perfect gift that they would cherish is a task, right? Well, we’ve found the perfect personalised gift that you can give to your loved ones. 28-year-old Aswathy from Kerala makes stunning embroidered portraits that are too good to be true. Her range of hand-embroidered products makes for the perfect gift that your loved ones will look at and weep because it is so sentimental. And cute, of course!

Currently living in Noida, Aswathy is a full-time mother to her adorable little Zora. Apart from making embroidered portraits, she also makes a variety of hand-embroidered products. She sells them through her brand called HangInThere.

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What’s Her Story?

Aswathy shared, “When I was in school, my aunt introduced me to embroidery. I started doing small-scale embroidery works at home. I never thought about pursuing it as a career option. Then college, work, life, and my little Zora happened. And after many years, during the early lockdown days when I had some time, I tried to make an embroidery gift for Zora. It was a picture of me pregnant with her.”

Aswathy, the founder of HangInThere

On turning her hobby into a business venture, she shared, “After giving birth, I was going through a difficult period. I had anxiety issues of early motherhood, postpartum depression, hormonal imbalances, mood changes, sleep disorders etc. I really wanted something to alleviate some of the stress and I figured that embroidering made me smile, feel better and gave me some happiness. So, I started making random depictions and somehow friends asked me to make custom works for them. Eventually, my coping mechanism turned out to be a business venture.

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All About HangInThere

At HangInThere, Aswathy recreates her clients’ treasured moments through needles and threads. These can be portrait embroideries, wedding hoops, embroidered headbands/ other wearables.

Her best-seller is portrait embroideries; the one that she loves working on the most. Most of these are custom-made to gift during special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. 

embroidered portraits by HangInThere

She shares, “When I re-create someone’s special moment, say a parent’s wedding photo as an anniversary gift, I feel like a part of that event. I bask at the moment and cherish the joy and smile of the son/ parent. It brings me enormous amounts of joy and happiness that I cannot even conceive. I believe that some of that happiness would have got reflected in the final output. I have received wonderful feedback from clients for all the portraits that I have done till now.”

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embroidered portraits by HangInThere

Price Range 

Embroidery hoops start from INR 1500/-

Hand embroidered wearables start from INR 750/-

You can order from Aswathy directly through Instagram, @hanginthere_by_aswathy

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