MC.PinkPalette: A Unique Place For You To Order Portraits

As social media has become one of the best ways for people to connect with each other, many talented artists have received the opportunity to express their talent and creativity. Social media has helped artists reach out to a larger audience. Monisha Chandran is one such artist and she runs this art page called MC.PinkPalette, where she offers beautiful hand embroidery portraits and hand-painted portraits. If you’re looking to get a portrait made, this Malappuram-based artist is the artist you’re looking for.

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The Story Of MC.PinkPalette

“I started doing artwork in my college days. I used to engage with decoration works a lot during college fests. After college, I started to do portraits seriously. Celebrity portraits were some of my favourites. Once I did a portrait of actress Anushka Shetty, and it got shared on her official social media account. That was a eureka moment for me. More people recognised my work and started to give orders for portraits. That was when I started doing commissioned works, and it was the beginning of MC.PinkPalette,” shares Monisha Chandran, the founder of MC.PinkPalette.


“I love to experiment with new areas in art. This led me to try hand embroidery portraits. My first attempt at hand embroidery was actor Kunchako Boban’s portrait. It received a great response from people.” added Monisha.

Monisha Chandran, the founder of MC.PinkPalette

Hand Embroidery Portraits

Monisha’s portraits are unique due to their originality and perfection. As she was good at painting and drawing, it was quite easy for her to choose colour tones and skin tones in her portraits. “Hand embroidery is easy for me to do. I have my method of using colours in my pencil and watercolour portraits. I follow the same colour scheme in my hand embroidery works, and it has helped me enhance the perfection and originality of my works”, said Monisha about her hand embroidery works.

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If you wish to order beautiful portraits from MC.PinkPalette you can reach out to Monisha on Instagram. The price range of her artwork is ₹2.5 k to ₹25 k.

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