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Kerala has a history of mural art. This particular art has taken many forms, right from paintings on walls to paintings on objects such as bottles and cutlery. The art still holds prominence to date, and many millennials are finding quirky ways to incorporate it into their lives. Anjali MJ from Thrissur found her true passion for mural art during the lockdown. Her Instagram page called SimplyArt is a sight to behold.

What’s Her Story?

“I started SimplyArt last year when the lockdown happened. My husband was the one who wanted me to showcase my art on Instagram. I simply wanted a platform to show my work. I did not have an intention to sell my work. Soon my relatives and friends started to give orders and that’s when I started to sell”, shares Anjali.

Founder of SimplyArt Anjali
Founder of SimplyArt Anjali

Surprisingly, Anajli has not studied mural art. But, she is a good pencil art drawer. After her post-graduation, she started to experiment with bottle art. However, she was in search of something different. That’s when she came across a page called Chayilyam Mural Paints that inspired her to take up mural art. “When I first tried doing a mural art on a bottle, I received really good feedback,” she shares. Soon, she started to get orders, especially for her small bottle artworks. Many of her admirers are a fan of her Ganapathi mural works.

Anjali shares, “Since I am not a professional mural artist, I don’t give my final product to my clients unless I am 100% satisfied with it. Honestly speaking, if a real mural artist looks at my work, they might find flaws in it. My clients are aware of it, and they know that I seek inspiration wherever I can. I incorporate them in my own ways to create a final piece that both my client and I love.”

Why You Should Check Out SimplyArt?

If you’re looking for an art piece that reminds you of Kerala’s historical culture, the mural artworks by SimplyArt should be your choice. Anjali does customised mural artworks depending on whether she can take it up or not. Right from theme-based projects to personalised replications, she does it all. Her utilitarian designs are ethnic and remind of you Kerala.

  • SimplyArt
  • SimplyArt
  • SimplyArt

Anjali has experience working on bottles, clay pots, bharanis, cutting boards, plastic bottles, cardboards, broken pieces and whatnot. Anything you’d consider waste, she would upcycle it to create beautiful works of art. Every object goes through a process of cleaning, drying, and coating before she begins painting. While her strengths lie in creating mural art, she also does Madhubani art, zentangle, and dot painting. In case you wish to know, she uses Fine Art brushes and Acrylic paints for her works.

Here product price ranges from INR 1,000 to INR 5,000 depending on the kind of work. You can reach her via Instagram for commissioned work. Visit SimplyArt here.

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