Style Trends From 2022 That Should Be Passed Down To 2023

Some trends scream classic and are meant to stay. From the brownie-glazed lips accused of cultural appropriation to the 90s supermodel blowout and much more. 2022 gave more power to the 90s. Here are a few style trends from 2022  that should be passed down to 2023 with all effect. And guess what, most of them are brown girl-friendly trends.

Hailey Bieber’s brownie-glazed lips 

Ironic to the title, brown lip liner, topped with a lip gloss coined as “brownie glazed lips”, was not invented by Hailey Bieber. Yet another viral TikTok trend propagated by the whites without giving proper credit to the women of colour, for whom glossing the lips was a ritual rather than a seasonal trend. It has its roots among black women and traces back to the Latina neighbourhoods. Not to mention how 90s Bollywood bombshells Karishma Kapoor and Rekha flaunted brownie-glazed lips effortlessly long before it became a trend. 

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Style Trends From 2022 That Should Be Passed  Down To 2023

Embracing the natural brows 

Thick, furry, feather-like brown girl eyebrows can still be in vogue. 2022 saw how eyebrows could be kept natural and in form using a brow gel.

Voluminous 90s blowout 

The fashion girls are all for this 90s supermodel hairstyle. The blowout promises to give all hair types a bouncy and voluminous look. Blowouts might not be a go-to choice daily, but isn’t it a chic and classic occasion style?

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Drenched in hot pink 

Style Trends From 2022 That Should Be Passed  Down To 2023

Pushing all the mighty neutrals aside, hot pink was the OG colour of 2022. From the runways of the ‘Valentino Pink PP’ FW’22 collection to the Barbie core trend, it was all hot pink in different silhouettes and subtle details.

Corset era 

Style Trends From 2022 That Should Be Passed  Down To 2023

We saw the revival of the 15th century through corsets. But not as underwear that oppresses and suffocates women as it used to. Instead, as a classic ensemble that flatters the curves inclusive of all body types. Corset worn with a saree is already on my list.

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Comment down the 2022 style trends you would want to stay in 2023.

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