New-gen Malayalam Movies That Redefined Love

Love has always been a two-edged sword. Not just a bed of roses, contrary to the portrayal of love in movies. Apart from the happily ever after and creepy stalker antics, Malayalam movies have come up with some new-gen gems which have redefined love by showcasing the ugly side of it – Jealousy, hatred, breakup and toxic relationship. 

Some also included unconventional forms of love like remarriages and love at an older age. They emphasized that loving someone doesn’t mean your acceptance and, thus, presented the unrequited lover. This Valentine’s Day, let’s re-watch these gems and accept the phase of New Gen love. 


New-gen Malayalam Movies That Redefined Love

Maathan became an icon of unrequited love and Appu, a testament that actions speak louder than words. The quote – “Sometimes the journey is better than the destination itself”, holds true here because their scenes filled our hearts with warmth and pain all at once. Appu gifts a cap to Maathan, which becomes his most prized possession. It’s fair to say that though not all love stories have a happily ever after, Maathan and Appu’s story is a happily ever after in itself. 

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Pallavi and Govind’s toxic relationship is highlighted even though they’ve been together for many years. The toxic pattern of exes is portrayed through Govind’s extreme obsession, possessiveness and jealousy, leading him to harm Pallavi in the name of love.  Pallavi strives to become stronger by building her career. Further, Vishal, who becomes Pallavi’s closest friend and mentor, accepts the fate of his unrequited love. Nevertheless, he continues to support Pallavi and treat her respectfully, drawing a contrast between the two male protagonists. 

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Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha

New-gen Malayalam Movies That Redefined Love

The story follows the implications of arranged marriage and the lack of bonding between the couple, leading to disastrous results. Influenced by his people who have the same knowledge, Sleevachan tries to build a bond by raping his wife, Rincy. The couple becomes more estranged than ever, but as the story progresses, they are able to have a true shot at love. The movie gives a powerful message about marital rape and the relationship between love and getting physical. 

Anuraga Karikkin Vellam

The story portrays two different types of love stories. The suffocation Aby feels when Eli is his girlfriend and the regret when she gets married, summarizes the relationship. On the other hand, his father, Raghu, pursues his old flame, and in the process, he learns to love his wife more. The duo learn a thing or two about love, and its mysterious ways, focussing on accepting the reality of not having a life with the one we love. 


New-gen Malayalam Movies That Redefined Love

Arun and Darshana’s unfinished love story haunted the audiences, but their friendship post the breakup, challenging the notion that exes can’t be friends, was a beacon of light. Arun’s growth as a lover, where he makes mistakes with Darshana and reminds them not to repeat with Nithya, shows the positive effect of past relationships. Arun, while courting Darshana and Nitya, breaks free from the cycle of stalking and is straightforward in his intentions. The love stories tread upon unseen paths. 

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Varane Avashyamund

Neena, the single mother, leaves behind her abusive husband and moves on despite the former being a love marriage. She experiences love all over again when she encounters Major Unnikrishnan, and their mature love story explores the discomfort of those around them. Apart from Nikita and Bibeesh’s love story, her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Aby’s mother, even after the breakup, is worth a mention.

Enna Thaan Case Kodu

The couple dynamic in the political satire is worth mentioning because Rajeevan changes his ways when he falls for Devi and attempts to live an honest life. Despite things turning out the opposite way, she continues supporting him and even questions the judge on behalf of her husband. The language barrier leads to many quirky dialogues and the ernest effort of the couple to discover love. 


New-gen Malayalam Movies That Redefined Love

With their humble beginnings, Sabu and Chitra’s love story captured the audience’s hearts. The expected yet unexpected endings showcase a unique love story where Sabu cares for his immobilized wife, communicating the true meaning of companionship. Sabu redefines love because love means staying close and fighting the odds when the stars are aligned against you. 

Take Off

Sameera finds the courage to identify the controlling and unsupportive behaviour of her husband Faizal and his family and decides to get a divorce. Though hesitant about moving on, she doesn’t view her son as a hindrance and gets married to Shaheed. She encourages her son to forge a bond with his stepfather, throughout which Shaheed is an understanding husband, ready to give space to his wife and stepson. The unusual family dynamics showcase how children deal with a new marriage. 

These new-gen Malayalam movies redefined love in many ways. Which one did you like the most? Also, did we miss out on any other relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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