Darshana: Your 5-step Romance Guide The Vineeth Sreenivasan Way

7.9 million views in less than a week (and counting. I rewatched the video at least thrice for this content). Darshana has made her way to every Malayali’s hearts as promised by the crew of ‘Hridayam‘. Composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab, the song has a catchy tune that we can’t seem to get out of our heads.

The chartbuster song features Darshana Rajendran and Pranav Mohanlal. It was released to the public on October 25. Since then, the song has been making its rounds, giving a hell of a time for everyone named Darshana and a heavenly time for all the meme pages who have received a month’s worth of meme reservoir from the song. 

Meanwhile, here are a few things I could decipher from the romances of Vineeth Sreenivasan. From the smart boyz member Vinod, brought to us through the 2012 release Thattathin Marayathu, to Arun from Hridayam – the trope of the hopeless romantic seems to be working out for Vineeth Sreenivasan.

BUT, it is undeniable that many actors sure did put out a refined performance as demanded by Vineeth’s scripts. The song Darshana stands proof of this fact. Anubhavam guru enokke alle. College romance’ine kaalum valya guru ini vere janikyan irikyunathe ollu.

Anyhow! Here is my 5-step guide on how to romance the Vineeth Sreenivasan way!

Punches and Premam Go Hand in Hand

Vineeth’s romantical musicals repeatedly give out a public service announcement of grave importance. Always be prepared to get an adi or an idi from here and there. Evdena, eppo, thallu varaa’n parayaan patilla, so karuthalode premikyuka. 

And if you’ve set your mind on erann adi vaangikyals, might as well take precautions. Instead of snarkily remarking “ethre venenkilum thallikyo, eniky oru kunthavum illa”, maybe try screaming out “Ammeyyy”. Amma vannilenkilum, at least someone might hear your cry for help. And most importantly, have a helmet or a crotch guard or anything handy at all times in case you forget to parkour outta there. Your internal organs are not named Darshana and they ACTUALLY end up taking the brunt for your mass dialogues. 10/10 bad idea.

Our director is kind enough as well, so he gives you a heads up on who all to watch out for. It ranges from the penninde acchande chettan from the opposition party to even the hostel chettanmaar living next door. 

Source: Mentos

Metaverse is for the Amateurs, Legends Communicate through Nokia and Stencil

Vineeth Sreenivasan took the “Connecting people” tagline too literally and it shows. Stencils and trash in Nokia are untraceable forms of sending love messages. It still doesn’t save your ass from thallu vaangich kootal, but hey, at least you tried. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to have their numbers saved in an unbreakable phone or decode a stencilled letter when you are up from a concussion in the ICU

Many of his movies revive the classic old romances, and Hridayam takes it a notch higher. A whole lot of 15 tracks will be released in the form of audio cassettes and vintage vinyl records. He’s bringing back to us the much needed soulful ‘90s vibes

Focus on the Chemistry Instead of Flexing your Mathematics Skills

Whoever thought it was a great idea to have the engineering student Arun present facts on numbers and days instead of proposing the normal way, what were you thinking? 

He says he wants to live in the moment and not regret not having asked her out later. Then, he proceeds to live in the future where an Engineering student supposedly attends 800 classes in 4 years. Which accounts for approximately 600+ holidays in four years. Where is this college really? 

Maybe next time we should stick to developing chemistry on common grounds than leaving a visibly confused Darshana on whether she wants to spend 800-20 days with you. 

Every Romantic Needs a White Shirt / Kurti to Enter the Club

A lot of poets from the romantic era dressed up in white while sitting down to write. Vinod and Darshana also seem to have understood the assignment and roam around in white every time premam thalaky kerals. Now I wouldn’t give full credit for this trend to Vineeth Sreenivasan, our blood-thirsty yakshi’s have been winning the trend since time immemorial. 

But all of it conveys a very important message – vella shirt’o kurti’yo illand premikyan erangaruth. Bare minimum aan guys. 

Six Pack Illengilum Scene Illa, Goatee Must Aan

Podimeesha kaalam okke bygone era, it’s the age of goatees for some reason. Vineeth Sreenivasan ensures that he gets all the bhavangal captured from the hero’s face. If some facial hair is going to come in the way of that, you can count on him to get rid of it (leaving behind the goatee of course). And we can’t help but approve of the cringe but adorbs babyface filter on every college romance hero. So what are you waiting for, flaunt them goatees, ooshan thaadi, or I don’t know, just shoot your shot. This is the Universe giving you the sign. 

Don’t miss out on many more such lessons from our visionary Vineeth Sreenivasan. Hridayam will be hitting your nearest theatres in January 2022. And we can’t wait to finally go back to our theatre experience and celebrate the art form the way it deserves to be celebrated!

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