Darshana’s Journey In Hridayam Is Unique And Here’s Why We Want To Be A Part Of It

Bollywood filmmaker and producer Karan Johar recently announced that his production house has bagged the rights to remake Hridayam in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This movie has been able to capture the essence and emotions of a normal person’s life – wayward college days, first love, death of a friend, choosing a unique career, lifelong friendships, marriage and even life as a parent. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the remakes hit box-office records. After watching the movie, the one character that stayed in our minds was Darshana. Darshana’s Journey In Hridayam was quite relatable, wouldn’t you say?

Hridayam was introduced to us through the song Darshana. Pranav Mohanlal’s cute demeanour, the straightforward proposal scene and the amazing music and lyrics made this song one of the most popular hits in Malayalam. In addition to all this, the character Darshana captured our attention. She seemed like a poem, so very simple and open, yet someone with a lot of shrouded meanings. If the song emitted a poetic aura around her, the movie portrayed her as an enigma, like a known stranger. So very familiar but still unknown.

So here is why I believe Darshana’s journey in Hridayam deserves a standalone movie.

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Spoiler alert!

Naduviral Namaskaram

Darshana's Journey In Hridayam Is Unique And Here's Why We Want To Be A Part Of It

This was one of the most powerful and maybe, even a bit unrealistic scenes in the movie. The courage she showed to file a ragging complaint and in addition to walking past the complainees (college seniors) with a middle finger raised is definitely applaudable. 

Many of us would hesitate to react in such situations considering the repercussions. So this scene is a great example and a source of motivation for many to tangle similar life situations. 

What we would want to explore further is:

  • How did this incident affect her future in college?
  • Did the seniors change their mindset about ragging?
  • Did they start respecting/fearing her or did they take any revenge against her and how did she cope with all this?

Breakup At First Sign Of Broken Trust

Darshana's Journey In Hridayam Is Unique And Here's Why We Want To Be A Part Of It

To be able to break up at the first sign of mistrust is commendable. While girls are taught to be forgiving, adjusting and compromising, she thrashed all these notions without a second thought. She ended her relationship with Arun when her trust was broken. Darshana chose her self respect and self-esteem over a boy.

But we are not aware if she second-guessed her decision, how she moved on or how this incident shaped her future outlook. These are aspects that can be covered in-depth and they might influence today’s youth.

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Unconventional Career Option


Despite securing an engineering degree, she chose to be a Youtube travel vlogger.

Even today, many of us hesitate to choose our passion as a career option. To walk through uncharted waters and break societal norms is not an easy deal (especially when you have that golden engineering degree in your pocket).

Also, we all know how difficult it is to convince our parents to let us choose such a different and unstable career. It is double the trouble when you are a woman. Many Malayali parents still find it an issue to let us travel around the world.

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If a movie could delve into how she convinced her parents, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them, it would be great. Maybe such a movie might also help us to convince our ‘Not so cool’ parents.

Inability To Let Go Off Past Feelings

Darshana's Journey In Hridayam Is Unique And Here's Why We Want To Be A Part Of It

There comes a stage when Darshana realises that she is still in love with Arun. Getting his wedding card, thinking about burning his fiancée’s wedding lehenga and finally, running away in tears without attending his wedding were signs of it.

Despite being a very strong, determined and courageous person, the remnants of her love for him, make her weak and build negative emotions of jealousy in her. More details on how she goes through this turmoil and her ultimate acceptance are definitely something that would interest people.

Her Concerns About Marriage


At this stage, Darshana is a rich and popular YouTuber who is going to get married. But meeting Arun’s wife still brings out envy and jealousy in her. Aren’t we all familiar with what she went through? Despite moving on, most of us would experience a slight bitterness when we see the person who indirectly replaced us. It’s such a raw and natural emotion. 

Also just hours before her marriage, she meets Arun and admits her concerns about getting married like her loss of freedom, control over her finances, inability to continue working like before etc.

This scene is very realistic as many of us are connected to her worries. All of us have been in her shoes. Wouldn’t it be great to see how her marriage life turned out?

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Appreciation to the whole Hridayam team for giving so much depth and life to Darshana and not just sidelining her as the hero’s love interest. Darshana’s journey in Hridayam is something that can motivate and inspire many of us to take strong decisions in life. And we would love to see a sequel to Hridayam with the main character as Darshana. 

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