I Want To Travel, But Where Do I Start?

Hodophile/Travel Fanatic/Wanderer – Currently, these are some of the trending words you’ll see on many Instagram bios. Every other person we come across is a traveller. Many of us envy these people for their travel expeditions, and we end up wondering how they get the time, money and even the permission to travel frequently and so far. If you want to travel but have a bit of starting trouble, this article will take you through the various ways to handle some of the hurdles. Here’s how you can get started on travelling.

It’s permission time from the ‘Big B’s (Parents)

The first step is to build your parent’s trust and confidence in your ability to take care of yourself. You can start by going on a short day trip with your friends to a location near your house. Gradually, you can start travelling alone nearby. Later you can quote the earlier examples and let your parents know that you are now capable and more informed to go on a longer trip. This is definitely not a plan that would work with all Malayali parents, but it is a way to try. 

Another way is to organise tours with your parents and ensure that you take initiative and plan the entire trip. This will help to showcase your ability and is likely to prompt them to say ‘Yes’ for your future travel plans.

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I Want To Travel, But Where Do I Start?

Ishwara Paisa vende! (The Money Factor)

It is only a myth that travelling is an expensive hobby, rather it is all about a trade-off between comfort and cost. There are numerous ways to plan a budget-friendly trip: 

  • Book your tickets in advance after comparing costs from various sites to get a good discount. There would be some card discounts that you can avail.
  • Call up hotels/hostels personally and bargain for a good deal, especially if you are planning a long duration stay. You can also check out local homestays. A reliable site thatyou can try is Airbnb.
  • Study the place you intent to travel to and choose the most comfortable and cheapest mode of transportation, be it travelling via own vehicle, renting a bike or even using public transportation.
  • Try the local delicacies from street vendors. You can save a lot of money and your taste buds will thank you for it.
  • Travel in a group to minimise stay, food and transportation expenses (After all, sharing is caring).

These are only a few steps, more research can yield higher benefits.

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Samayam Eviduna? (Time)

Finding no time to travel is mostly an excuse. It’s all about the saying, “If there is a will, there is a way”. If you are really passionate about travelling, finding time should not ideally be an issue. If you are a working professional, try weekend trips, or plan a trip considering your Mandatory Holidays and Annual leaves. In case you are a student, semester break is the best time to explore a new place. Regardless of how busy you are, find a couple of days and go for a getaway. It will help you calm your mind and rejuvenate yourself.

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I Want To Travel, But Where Do I Start?

It is a Big, Bad World out there!

This is yet another reason given by parents/relatives/strangers and sometimes even your friends when you say that you want to travel. I do not personally disagree with this point. It is true that the world out there may not always be safe. But staying at home is not a solution. Our home is also a part of this world and anything Big and Bad can happen there too. Also if you do not go out there and personally witness the world, there is no way you can handle the atrocities that life is going to surely throw at you. 

That being said, I am not advocating you to go on a solo trip to Pakistan or try cliff jumping on your very first trip. Understand your boundaries, areas of comfort, be well-read about the place of your intended travel, plan as much as possible to ensure your safety and carry the required precautions (Definitely a Pepper spray). Be aware and prepared throughout your journey. 

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Solo or group travel?

This is a question of comfort and no one should go for a solo trip for the sake of following a trend. For first time travellers, it is better to choose a group trip. You can even avail a tour package, and slowly gain the confidence to go for a solo trip. While travelling in a group helps bond with other people, solo travelling helps to bond with yourself. Solo travelling might not be easy for many people, it would entail you to take a step out of your comfort zone, but the challenge might be worth it. What if you enjoy your own company or maybe become friends with a stranger or even gain confidence and belief to take care of yourself independently.

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I Want To Travel, But Where Do I Start?

Finding the COURAGE!

This is the most common and major hurdle faced by all of us. Finding the courage to take the first step is what makes all the difference in your life. To pack your bags and go on an adventure requires a supportive set of people around you, belief in yourself, a conviction and a passion to do something different. Believe me, it is always just the first step that is difficult, like a newborn baby. Once you start crawling, you will soon trust your feet and walk ahead smoothly. 

All the points we discussed above is irrelevant if one fails to find inner courage. Once you gain trust in yourself and your decisions, an entire world of possibilities and opportunities awaits you.

So boys and girls, put these steps into action to conquer your fear and set out to explore this world. While doing so, do not forget your helmet or fasten your seat belt. See you after your adventure!

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