5 Kerala Delicacies That You Must Try Right Now

Every region on the globe has its set of unique delicacies that it is famous for. Kerala has plenty of these too. And today, I’d like to draw your attention to 5 Kerala delicacies that you must try asap.


Chakka Puttu

Kerala delicacies
Source: Kitchen Corner – Try It

Can puttu get better? Well, apparently it can. Made during the chakka (jackfruit) season, chakka puttu is made by mixing pieces of chakka with the flour used to make puttu. The mixture is then topped with grated coconut and steamed in a puttu kutti. You don’t need a side dish for this version of puttu because it is sweet as sweet can be.

Diamond Cuts

Source: Nisa Homey

Also known as maida biscuits, diamond cuts are made either with maida or atta. I daresay that the atta variant is healthier. The easiest way to make it is to mix atta with water and knead it into dough. Roll this dough into a thin flat roti and then cut out diamond shapes. Fry ’em and you’ve got your evening scene sorted!

Vazhapindi Kondattam

Kerala delicacies
Source: ahaaafood vrinda

You might have a love-hate relationship with bananas, but this banana stem dish will get you hooked on for sure. Made by frying dried vazhapindi (banana stem) with a mixture of rice powder and spices, this kondattam goes extremely well with rice and keep you asking for more.  

Chakka Upperi

Source: Kerala Special

People who say they are addicted to Lays and Pringles should give these crispy snacks a try. Made by slicing jackfruit into thin slices and frying in oil till golden-yellow. I bet you can’t stop at just one!

Chakkakuru Shake 

Source: famuz world

I’ve kept the best for last. Chakkakuru (jackfruit seed) shake is not just delicious but also healthy. All you had to do is peel off the out er white layer of the chakkakuru, and boil it in water in a pressure cooker fro 3 whistles. Add milk and grind it till the seeds disappear, and add sugar as per your preference and store till cold. Now that’s a milkshake!


What are some Kerala delicacies that you feel we should add to this list?

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