Madhuram Review: A Film That Will Leave You With A Smile

Madhuram Review Rating- 4/5

It has been a long time since we saw a feel-good Malayalam film, with the last one probably being #Home. After the success of June, Ahammed Khabeer had announced his second directorial titled Madhuram. Once the trailer dropped, it promised to live up to the expectations of the audience. Now with the release of the film, I can confidently say that the final product has indeed lived up to everyone’s expectations.

Madhuram, directed by Ahammed Khabeer, is based on a story by himself, which was scripted by Fahim Safar and Ashiq Aimar. The film features Joju George, Shruthi Ramachandran, Indrans, Arjun Ashokan, Nikhila Vimal, Fahim Safar, Navas Vallikunnu, Jaffer Idukki, Jagadish and Lal. 

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Synopsis of Madhuram

Set in a hospital in Kochi, Madhuram tells the story of different individuals from different walks of life, who unite and form a bond with each other due to their interactions in the hospital premises. The film moves forward by showing us the personal conflicts and interactions of Sabu (Joju George), Ravi (Indrans), Kevin (Arjun Ashokan), Thaju (Fahim Safar), Chitra (Shruthi Ramachandran) and Cherry (Nikhila Vimal)  in the hospital’s bystanders room.


Madhuram is a film that relies heavily on its dialogues. There have been films in the past set almost entirely in a hospital. However, to make the events less tense and light-hearted, the writing has to be strong. Ahammed Khabeer’s innocent and sweet story, aided by clever writing by Fahim Safar and Ashiq Aimar, makes Madhuram a sweet little film. The story has humour, innocence, sweetness, drama as well as emotional elements. There is great character development, slowly and steadily. Each character has a complete and definite arc, which is beautiful to watch. The writing of Madhuram is just beautiful and gives the film its life and soul. 

Madhuram Review: A Film That Will Leave You With A Smile

Technical Aspects

Madhuram is a film that doesn’t really boast of a stupendous display of technical finesse. However, whatever little has been included in the film, it is something to marvel at. The most prominent and promising one amongst them is the music and background score.

Hesham Abdul Wahab has done phenomenal work as the Music Director of the film. Each song had a life and soul to it, which makes them really enjoyable and soothing. Govind Vasantha, who composed the original background score for the film has done a great job too. Cinematography by Jithin Stanislaus is good to watch and the editing also is handled brilliantly, which makes the film a beautiful watch. 

Acting Performances in Madhuram

Madhuram has some phenomenal acting performances by the film’s stellar cast. The show-stealer in the film is undoubtedly Joju George. The nuances he brought to the character through its journey in the film, is something we all would connect to and enjoy watching. Joju’s role as Sabu is definitely yet another addition to his kitty of excellent acting performances.

Madhuram Review: A Film That Will Leave You With A Smile

Indrans as Ravi is superb as well. The experience he possesses as an actor is brought into the character to make it relatable and lovable on screen. Arjun Ashokan, Shruthi Ramachandran, Nikhila Vimal and all the other supporting cast members deliver some stunning performances, which are memorable. Lal, Jaffer Idukki and Jagadish in their extended cameo appearances too are great to watch. 

Madhuram Review: A Film That Will Leave You With A Smile


Madhuram mainly deals with the theme of basic human relationships. It tries to tell us that being humble, friendly and simple to everyone could make the world a better place. Everyone has their own problems, which may be very trivial or serious enough. The mentality to understand the problem, do whatever it takes to solve it and have only happiness in your life makes it worthwhile. Through the interpersonal relationships depicted in Madhuram, the film tries to tell us the importance of caring for a loved one, be it your wife, girlfriend, mother, father or even an unknown stranger. The innocence and sweetness with which Madhuram is crafted are sure to make the viewers understand its messaging.

Should You Watch Madhuram?

As a whole, Madhuram is a film that is as sweet and innocent as its title. The wholesome storyline, superb writing, excellent acting performances and some great technical work, especially the music and background score is what makes this film a brilliantly crafted, feel-good film. The humour, innocence, goodness, emotions and drama in the film are highly relatable and makes it yet another stellar film from the Malayalam film industry. Do give this sweet little film a watch!

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