Best Hill Stations And Trekking Spots Near Munnar

Are you planning to visit Munnar soon, but confused about where to visit? Fret not, we’ve got it covered. Munnar, a hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala, is home to many iconic spots and hill stations that will wow you. It’s a year-long tourist hub where visitors flock to the town to experience paragliding, visit tea plantations, and go on treks and hikes. We’re going to list down the best hill stations and trekking spots near Munnar that are worth a visit during your trip there.


Best Hill Stations And Trekking Spots Near Munnar
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Tagged as the world’s highest elevation tea plantation at 7900 feet, Kolukkumalai is a small village that’s the perfect getaway. The tea estates there are known to produce the highest quality of tea using “orthodox machines” which require manual labor. Apart from that, the surroundings and the picturesque views are breathtaking. You can head to Suryanelli, which is an hour’s drive from Munnar, and camp there. There are provisions to hire a jeep ride to Kolukkumalai, which will again take you an hour to reach. Watching the sunrise from the highest peak of Kolakkumalai has a distinct charm to it.

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When you visit Peerumedu, you must trek to Parunthumpara. The place is known for a cliff that looks like the head of an eagle. While the trek itself is a bit hard, the tricky part lies in stepping on the cliff which can only accommodate three people at a time. But once you do, the view is just stunning. So, if you are an adventure enthusiast, you are in for a treat.


Best Hill Stations And Trekking Spots Near Munnar
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For all the flora and fauna enthusiasts, Gavi is the ideal place to explore Kerala’s unique wildlife and natural surroundings. Situated at an altitude of 3400 ft above sea level, this place mostly attracts trekkers and bird/animal watchers from around the world. It’s a four-hour drive from Munnar but if you’re coming from Pathanamthitta, it’s closer. Fun fact: The Malayalam movie Ordinary was shot here.

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Lechimi Hills

Lechimi Hills
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Trekking through lush green tea plantations is a unique experience in itself. Located three kilometers away from Munnar, Lechimi hills is one the best trekking spots around Munnar. The trek begins by walking through the tea plantations (30-40 minutes). Once you reach the summit, you get to trek on rocky slopes while enjoying the view of the serene grasslands nearby.


Best Hill Stations And Trekking Spots Near Munnar
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Anamudi is the highest peak in South India and one of the most visited spots in Kerala. The term Anamudi translates to “elephant’s forehead” in English. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice that the shape of the mountain resembles an elephant’s head. Tourists visit this serene trekking destination to explore the greenery, forests, rivers, and animal species such as the Asian elephants, Nilgiri Tahr and Gaur.

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One of the best hill stations near Munnar has to be Vagamon. People visit the place mostly to trek, paraglide, mountaineer, and rock climb. A few spots that are a must-visit include Kurisumala, the pine forest, the Pattumalai church, the Orchidarium and Floriculture project, and the Karikadu viewpoint.


Located eight kilometers from Munnar, Devikulam is a hill station that has religious significance. It is believed that the Hindu goddess Sita Mata took bath in the waters of Devikulam. The place is also known for its beautiful waterfalls such as Attukal, Chinnakanel, Valara, and Thommankuthu falls. Apart from that, it is also a hub of fishing for Trout fish.

These are some of the best hill stations and trekking spots near Munnar. Why don’t you check it out and share your experience in the comments below?

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