This Beautiful Hobbit House Is Not In New Zealand, But In Munnar

Experiencing the Hobbit life in Kerala is now possible. All you have to do is pack up and head to Munnar. I’m sure you’re wondering if this even exists. We can assure you it does. This Hobbit house is a part of the many stays offered at Silver Oaks Nature Retreat, Munnar. Even though this property is highly recommended to honeymooning couples, you can book a stay just to experience living in the underground.

The Hobbit house

If you are not aware of a Hobbit house, it is a cozy, underground living space with earth-sheltered surroundings, that was popularised by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. There are a few Hobbit homes in India such as in Sirmour and Ooty. Who would have thought that we would have one in Kerala?

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Since the idea of a Hobbit house is to live underground, you won’t get access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. So brace yourself for some tech-free, self-care time. It offers modern-day conveniences and facilities while also incorporating the mystical cozy home vibe commonly featured in fantasy novels. Moreover, we’re sure you will be amazed by the architectural beauty of the place. It will be so new that you’d feel like you are vacationing in a different country altogether.

Indoor private pool and an artificial waterfall

This Hobbit House in Munnar has a tree within it, an indoor fireplace, and an artificial waterfall, making it an even more amazing an experience for you.

This Beautiful Hobbit House Is Not In New Zealand, But In Munnar

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This Beautiful Hobbit House Is Not In New Zealand, But In Munnar

Guests also have access to an indoor private pool. There are provisions for a campfire and BBQ available outdoors too.

This Beautiful Hobbit House Is Not In New Zealand, But In Munnar

What’s more, is that guests can avail of the Safari ride which will take them deep into the forest on a 4×4 Jeep. Breakfast is provided and the food will mostly remind you of your home. If you wish to stay indoors and order in, they have a vast menu to choose from.

Your Lord of the Rings adventure awaits you for INR 9,500 per night. You can book your stay here.

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