Experience Wilderness In This Unique Property In Munnar

Heading to Munnar? Then you must visit Camp Footprint, a unique property situated amidst the wilderness of the Western Ghats in Munnar. Located 25 km away from Munnar, this place is surrounded by stunning views of the forest and valleys. Besides that, the place of stay within this property is inspired by the structure of a tent. Each hut offers panoramic views of Munnar hills. Here’s why Camp Footprint should be your next vacation destination.

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The Cosy Space

Each hut has cute interiors that are very Pinterest-like. A cosy queen-size bed, private en-suite facilities (attached bathroom and kitchen), great local food, personalized service and an unbeatable view is what you will get if you stay at Camp Footprint. There’s also an outdoor area where you can soak in the views and unwind.

You will most probably wake up to the most amazing sounds of birds chirping and the trees rustling They guarantee a comfortable stay! In fact, they have a tea-tasting session which is something you should totally check out.

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Outdoor Facilities

If you’re an adventure junkie, they also have soft trekking facilities to nearby peaks from the campsite. You’d be lucky enough to spot langurs and wild squirrels in the trek. Do note that no guests are allowed to go for a walk or trek without a camp-designated person to guide them. There’s also a bonfire area where campers can relish BBQ dishes while basking in the views.

Property In Munnar

Camp Footprint is a place to unwind from a busy life. Since it’s off-grid, cell reception might be an issue. But, that’s completely alright if you’re looking for a digital detox. After all, who’d want to constantly be on their screen when there’s mesmerising beauty around to cherish? The cost of accommodation in this property in Munnar is ₹9250/night. To book, click here.

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