Live Among The Clouds At This Stone Cottage In Vagamon

As we were scouring through the internet, we came across this absolutely stunning stone cottage nestled in five acres of private virgin forest in Vagamon. Imagine waking up to the soft, cold mountain breeze overlooking the breathtaking scenery of lush green forests. This is no fairytale destination. Rather, it’s a magical paradise awaiting your presence. Here’s more about this stone cottage aka Mountain Villa in Vagamon.

What Does This Space Offer?

Mountain Villa claims to have a beautiful bird’s eye view of the five districts of Kerala as it is located on a mountain top close to the Kurushumala Ashram estate. They only have three stone cottages, or as they’d like to call, earth cottages. Each of the cottages is built by native craftsmen. They have preserved the 50-year-old architecture to maintain the heritage.

Since the owners are ecologically conscious, they hire local communities for any need, make use of solar and wind energy to generate electricity, locally source ingredients, and avoid the use of single-use plastics. Their aim is to provide an immersive tourist experience. the eco-friendly way.

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Enjoy A Cosy Stay

We’re not kidding; it’s a whole different world within each cottage. It’s a cosy and comfy abode that gives you the space to revitalise and be yourself. They have a single bedroom with a queen-size bed, two-floor mattresses and an attached bathroom. The stone-paved paths and vintage furniture will make you feel like you’re living in the Hobbit house.

Stone Cottage In Vagamon
Stone Cottage In Vagamon

You will find yourself staring at nature’s abundant beauty as you sip on your coffee. The beauty and charm of each cottage are unlike anything you’ll ever see.

From Trekking to Farm-To-Table Food

It’s going to be a tough choice between staying indoors and basking under the beauty of the mountains and going on a trek in the nearby hills. If you’re up for an adventure, you can explore the longer trails going into the valley. However, make sure that you book it in advance.

They only use filtered water drawn off from the mountain springs and grow vegetables organically. The food served, therefore, will taste fresh. You can ask for their menu card in advance and their private chef will cook unforgettable local delicacies for you as per your liking.

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Things You Should Keep In Mind Before You Go

This stone cottage In Vagamon is off-grid so there are no shops or restaurants nearby. The closest civilisation is two kilometres away. So, it’s better to stock all your basic amenities before you head over there. Smoking inside the cottages isn’t allowed.

Stone Cottage In Vagamon

Staying at the Mountain Villa for a day will cost you INR 8000, but it is worth every penny.

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