6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

Read ahead without any hesitation for this isn’t a review. if you are interested to read our take on the movie, click here: Bro Daddy Movie Review.

And don’t worry I won’t be spilling out any spoilers (for the very reason that there aren’t any!). I have dedicated this entire post just to discuss the beautifully designed frames in the movie. At times, the attractiveness of the background literally made me overlook the characters and the plot.

Let us discuss some reasons why Bro Daddy was unrealistically beautiful, leaving behind all the important characters, Unni Mukundan, Nikhila Vimal, Kavya Shetty (debut).

Color Palatte follow Cheiyunna Panakkar

Mohanlal is a charm to watch in his amazing pastel kurtas. He has been given a dominant golden shaded palette. He is a visual treat in all of his looks. So much that, he looks fresh as dew, even while cooking multiple delicacies for his wife in the kitchen or working in a hot steel company.

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6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful
6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

Meena looks mesmerising in her Ombre sarees and four strands of “Kaatadi” hair strands that keeps flying every now and then (Rich air hits different IG). She looks stunning while cooking, watering plants, vomiting and … that’s it, she just does these things in the whole movie. Kalyani, too, is given a generic pastel-hued wardrobe. She carries elegance with every outfit. Cute as a button!

Meena and Priyadharshani

Only Prithiviraj’s attire throughout the film is loud, colourful and bold. Never a dull moment with his fashion, we tell you.

Vaadade nilkunna chedis, SO MANY of them!

If you love plants, this movie will make you the merriest! The fun part? All are happy, healthy bouncy and luscious. If you are a true plant lover/plant mom, get ready to be jealous. Because these are nothing like the stubborn ones you have at home. You know, the ones who have given up on their caretakers.

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6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

In some scenes, you actually feel like your attention is diverted to these amazing green, wonderful plants, plant pots and flowers with huge designer planters. Creepers, climbers, herbs (calculatingly), shrubs, bushes make a full-time appearance in the movie.

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Veedu/blanglav/mansion/office se bada veedu

I literally do not understand how one can have a huge house and no house help, be it in the lead couple’s studio apartment in Banglore (what’s their salary? ) or their “Naatile Blanglav”.

We have some pressing questions for them:

Who cleans the “Podi” behind all those paintings? Who sweeps your stadium-like veedu? Why are there so many pillows on your couch? How do you manage not to lose them? Who waters these many plants? Why is the house owned by the lead protagonists bigger than the office they work in? Who owns such a house IRL?

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Resorts ne vellunna interiors and decors

When I started watching the movie, in many instances, I forgot about the story and characters. The reason was nothing but the interiors and decors in the frame.

The houses shown in the movie resemble posh Air BnBs. To be honest, better than that. If you are someone who likes things from Chumbak or Ikea, you will be fascinated by almost all the decor items in Bro Daddy. Irrespective of the character, plot, scene and emotions, you will remain enchanted by the beauty of the decor pieces.

6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

Wall art, paintings, flower vases, tea set, curtains, cushions, sofa, statement-fancy lightings, chandeliers, cutlery, indoor plants, cellarette (kallu kuppi vekunna cabinet), gigantic swimming pools and basically everything else shown is eye-catchy, colourful, and makes you google up their price.

6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

5. Soubin de office, Soubin de shirt

Soubin‘s character remains a mystery to me. Why was he there again? (God knows!)


The thing that caught my attention was his floral themed office with a golden undertone. Huge golden lights, golden chairs, grand lights, huge paintings and Soubin in an animal printed attire try to entertain you but fail miserably. You will be entertained by the visually appealing office. The lifeless scene seems to come alive due to the vibrancy of the shot.

6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful
6 Reasons Why Bro Daddy Was Unrealistically Beautiful

6. Their Great Indian Kitchen

The most interesting thing to highlight is the “island” kitchen – The film showcased a beautifully designed island kitchen within certain warm tones along with a lot of wallboards and indoor plants, colourful wall tiles, cute mugs, fancy containers, cafe-like dining areas, huge windows with large white curtains combined with very unique lights. It looks dreamy and gives out “ivar panakkar aan” vibes at all shots.


Whenever food is shown, you will end up thinking “itrem foodo???, but why?”. For example, in the song, “Paryade”, Mohanlal is shown eating alone in his office. Eating alone from eight to nine casseroles. In another scene, when Mohanlal prepares breakfast for his wife, the dining table is filled with so many dishes (15 plus dishes for breakfast alone, note that down).

Kerala food

Sometimes (or most of the time), there was too much of everything in a single shot. Undoubtedly, everything seemed good-looking but definitely exaggerated and impractical.

Anyways, as a conclusion, we felt that Bro Daddy seemed unrealistically beautiful. Each piece of decor/food/people in every frame was a delight to watch. Aesthetically, it turned out pretty perfect but can we say the same about the plot? Watch Bro Daddy and let us know how you feel about it.

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  1. Back in the day, at school kalolsavams it was always the ‘sentreesas ernayklm’ girls who used to win first prize for Group Folk Dance. The following day’s malayalam newspapers would carry a picture of the winning lasses – striking a folk dance-y pose that looked like they were caught mid-seizure, all of them with identical white faces with eyebrows, eyes and mouths drawn on them, hair in grotesque hair pieces and each one of them scrubbed out of their individuality and cast into the mould of the group.
    Were they successful ? Oh yes. Year after year.
    Did they look their part ? Oh yes.
    Did they experiment with their art or follow a formula ? Never fix what isn’t broken, be it formula or the makeup (wo)man.
    Bro Daddy is one such piece of art. Staged, sanitised, scrubbed, successful, formulaic and artificial.

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