Indoor Plants For Your Home You Never Knew You Wanted

Hello, aspiring plant parents! I am Mr Cactus (you could also call me cacti), your virtual plant guide who is here to rescue your day and help you find the best indoor plants for your home.

A lot of aspiring plant parents have asked me to curate a list that would help them become better plant mommies and daddies. This time, it would be an introvert edition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the introverts in our plant kingdom, the indoor plants. You know, we plants have feelings too! 

Let us meet some of my reliable introverted friends that you can invite to your beautiful house

Money Plant

Indoor Plants

If you are a beginner, Money plants are your best choice. The most common mistake every excited plant parent makes, in the beginning, is over watering but with money plants, you don’t have to worry about it since they require a lot of water (okay, but don’t flood my friend please). 

I love the vibe since it brings in a lot of positivity and freshness to the places they visit. Money plants also help in purifying the air from pollutants when kept indoors. I should warn you about its cousins (Varieties) who are too irresistible and pretty. You would want to spend your time with everyone. 

Good luck and prosperity is believed to be brought in by money plants according to Vastu. I would highly recommend it, in case it brings “money”.After all, you could invest it to buy more indoor plants. 

You can buy it here.


Monstera plants are the queens of indoor gardens with their majestic looks. While it might look like a high maintenance plant, it actually needs less attention. You can water it once in two weeks and it can even survive in bright to medium indirect sunlight. Hence, making it a great option for lazy plant parents. 

However, it is advised to clean the gigantic leaves with neem oil once in a while to maintain the lustre of its leaves. It is also a great air purifier which makes you want to get it right away. Who doesn’t love a statement piece, so go grab your Monstera?

You can buy it here.


Indoor Plants

With their minimalistic appearance and grace, they can charm your work from home days. The way they can adapt to different levels of sunlight and water is really amazing. It is the right kind of inspiration you need on a thriving work from home day.

Choose a bright pot, preferably white ones to enhance the colour of the plant and you are good to go. Don’t forget to water them once a week and clean the leaves with neem oil for that added lustre. 

You can buy it here.


Meet Fittonia, my aesthetic friend who can turn your guest’s attention to this plant. Available in green-white and green-pink/red combinations, they are best suited for a colourful environment. They are small and compact with an affinity for bright to medium sunlight. The colour might fade with medium or less sunlight but can be rejuvenated quickly with a few minutes of sun bath. 

However, it is a bit of a drama queen!  But would be a great challenge for budding plant parents. As your plant guide, let me give you an expert tip on caring for Fittonias. 

Fitonias require the right amount of water, not too little or more. The trick is to check the leaves and stems, if the leaves are sturdy and crisp then you could avoid watering them. But if the leaves are drooping, then my friend it’s time for you to water them. Water them just enough for the soil to be humid. Now, you can thank me for this expert advice. 

You can buy it here.

Peace Lilly 

Indoor Plants

Peace Lilly is a synonym for pure elegance. The long, perfect leaves and its white lilies are heavenly that you would want to buy without any delay. However, to foster this pure elegance you might have to spend some energy and time. 

Like Fittonias, peace Lilly also likes moderate temperature, sunlight and water. Hence, it might take some while for you to get accustomed to its needs. However, it ain’t difficult. Take it from me, it would make an ideal gift for your loved ones. 

You can buy it here.

Snake plant

They are called natural air purifiers for a reason. They could purify harmful pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, thereby, making them a great option for indoor use. 

The best way to take care of them is not to take care of them! They are like cats in the plant world, unaffected and minding their own business. The way they thrive in extreme conditions and yet be so beautiful and elegant is inspiring. 

You can buy it here.

Spider plant

Indoor Plants

In case you are looking for a rare, eye-catching and cheap plant then a spider plant could be for you. Its elongated spindle-shaped leaves with white and green combinations make it one of my favourites. 

While you only have to water it once a week, you can mist it almost every day as it thrives in humid conditions. I have heard that many plant parents have found the plant to be of high maintenance as it starts having brown tips. But let me tell you, it’s alright. It’s the plant trying to communicate with you! 

Just snip the brown end and then provide an ample amount of sunlight and the right amount of water to make it healthy. I know you can do it! 

You can buy it here.

I’m so happy to have introduced some of my friends to you. I hope you love them. Also, I am letting you know that you can adopt me too. Just give me a pot and some space in your garden. I shall make you proud. In case you have any doubts regarding my friends or me, do comment below. I am always ready to help.

Arja Dileep
In an attempt to balance between the aesthetics of an aspiring writer and the goofiness of a kid.


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