Growcerys: A Modern Plant Nursery In Kerala

Inspired by Kerala’s greenery, many Malayalis are known to be plant enthusiasts. Their garden and farm collections are worth boasting about. There are numerous reasons to keep plants on your premises – To reduce the temperature, to provide quality oxygen, to generate a fresh feeling, and to make your space more pleasing. Growcerys, a Thrissur-based online plant nursery, was born out of this love for plants.

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A group of friends namely Midhun Mohan, John Vargheese, and Joseph Jarard started Growcerys in the year 2016 by using aquaponics, an urban farming technology. “Three of us are school friends. Initially, we started aquaponics farming as a hobby, and its success led us to start Growcerys by promoting the concept of ‘grow with love’,” said Midhun Mohan, one of the co-founders of Growcerys. 

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What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the method of cultivating plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating atmosphere. This method of farming can be done both on a small-scale or large-scale unit within fresh water and saltwater systems.

The Birth of Online Plant Nursery

As Thrissur is the hub of plant nurseries, there are a wide variety of plants to choose from. The concept of making these plants available to people from outside of Thrissur was the key idea that resulted in the birth of Growcerys.

“When compared to other online plant ventures, Growcerys received quite a great response from people within a short period. We provided bushy and matured plants to customers, and this garnered attention from many plant enthusiasts around,” said Midhun.

The sale of outdoor plants marked the beginning of the venture, and now it has expanded to the selling of pot and planters, soil supplements, fertilizers, outdoor plants, fruit plants, etc.


Why You Should Check Out Growcerys?

What makes Growcerys unique is its way of packaging its products. They assure 100 per cent protection of the plants during delivery. “As our goal is to provide good quality plants to our customers, we focus on the packing and delivery of plants to reach them safely in the hands of our customers,” added Mithun. 

If you wish to purchase some cool plants from Growcerys, you can place your orders through their website. You can also check out @growcerys for more queries.

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