You Can Get Yummy Palada Payasam Ice-cream, Cake And Boli Here

Can you resist the creamy, milky taste of palada payasam? Just thinking of it makes our tummies rumble with hunger. It’s one of the desserts from Kerala that keeps everyone happy, no matter the situation. If thinking of palada payasam made your mouth water, wait till you try out ice cream and cake made using the payasam.

Cintafresh, located in Dubai and Sharjah, is a store that is dedicated to palada payasam. Their mission is to satisfy your sweet cravings with palada payasam desserts made with love.

Hailing from Thrissur, Mr Altaf started Cintafresh in Sharjah in 2020. He comes from a family that works in the medical business. They own Al Shams Medical and Diagnostic Center in Sharjah. Venturing into the food industry was a first in the family and Altaf knew he made the right decision.

He shared, “In 2019, the idea to start a venture like this struck me. I was sure that palada payasam, as a purely dairy product, would be widely accepted by everyone, and not just by Malayalis. The reason I did not choose any other forms of payasam was because they are coconut milk-based such as ada prathaman and gothambu payasam. I studied the UAE market and saw that there was a demand for palada payasam.”

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In February 2020, Mr Altaf rented a space in Muweilah, Sharjah, to open a shop and that was when COVID-19 and lockdown happened. So, it was only in November 2020 that their first sale took place.
Later Cintafresh opened doors in Karama, Dubai. Currently, he has no plans of entering the market in Kerala, especially because he feels that this payasam is something that Malayalis regularly eat at weddings and parties.

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What You Should Try At CintaFresh?

Wonder pot (Jar Cake): A layered combo of palada payasam and cake. The moisture of rich tres leches cake combined with the creamy and sweet palada will explode in your mouth.

Price: AED 15

Chilled Palada Payasam: This tastes best when splattered all over the mini sweet bolis.

Price: AED 8 and AED 6 for the payasam and bolis

Cinta Palada Payasam: You can’t leave without trying the authentic palada payasam. It is fresh, prepared daily and is devoid of milkmaid or preservatives. It comes in two sizes (400 ml pack and 800 ml pack)

Price: AED 15 for 400 ml and AED 25 for 800 ml

Topy Turvy: This is their latest addition to their menu and a must-try. it’s basically a palada payasam flavoured softie.

Price: AED 6

Location in Dubai: Shop 1, Blue Karama 10, near Dhe Puttu Restaurant, Al Karama, Sheikh Hamdan Colony, Dubai

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