Onfresh: A Local Food Delivery & Shopping Platform In TCR

Today, there are millions of applications around us to make our daily life easy and clutter-free. Whether it is food, fashion, healthcare or any other need, online platforms have made accessibility uncomplicated. But you’ll see these used mostly by people living in cities. What about small towns and villages? Most of the online services are not usually available in such regions. Onfresh, the local food delivery and online shopping platform in Thrissur is unique for its delivery of products within a 15 km radius of Thrissur city. It makes people living far away from Thrissur city access delivery service.

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Credits – @onfresh_tcr

It is not easy for people to make a direct purchase from shops during this pandemic time. Onfresh is an online platform that solves this problem. They deliver products from nearby hotels, retail shops, and local farmers to your home. Currently, they provide food items, groceries, fruits, vegetables, and home essentials through their platform. More items will be available soon. 

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Onfresh was a Thiruvananthapuram-based delivery platform. My friend Anand and I set up Onfresh’s franchise in Thrissur intending to provide delivery service to people who live a little far away from Thrissur city. I know this app will be of great help to them,” said Jithu Krishnan, co-founder of Onfresh in Thrissur. “Initially we started our initiative with food items and basic groceries, and now we are expanding it with more products,” he added.

How to purchase from ONFRESH?

  • Download the app from Google Play Store / Enter into their official website.
  • Enter your location and address.
  • Add required products to the basket.
  • Select the payment option (Both online payment & cash on delivery is available)
  • Place your order.

As the name Onfresh suggests, the quality of the products available on this platform is uncompromising. You can purchase quality products at cheaper prices by using the amazing offers available in the app. The good quality of products and proper delivery will provide you with a good shopping experience.

Don’t wait Thrissurites; Make use of the Onfresh delivery platform and experience easier and effective shopping. For more queries, check them out at @onfresh_tcr.

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