Vegetarian Foods That Are Actually Non-veg

Do you know what’s funny? When people don’t realise that some food they eat isn’t actually vegetarian. There are many people in India who are specific about the food they eat, vegetarians being one among them. But, some vegetarians are guilty of unconsciously eating food that is, in reality, non-vegetarian. Blame the food culture, some would justify! So, we’re going to shatter a few veg/non-veg barriers for you today.

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Sad news, we know! Believe it or not, most beers you see in the market use animal products such as gelatin or fish bladders in the making process. But, fret not, there are vegetarian options available too. All you have to do is ask the bartender!

Vegetarian beer

Mars Bars

No, not our favourite chocolate! Crib all you want, but this is one harsh truth we all have to accept. Mars uses an ingredient called rennet, a substance extracted from the stomachs of calves, that acts as whey for the chocolate. If you’re someone who has taken the veg vows but also a Mars addict, you might have to re-take them.

Vegetable Soups

We’re all fans of soups, aren’t we? It’s like the perfect starter to a five-course meal. But, here’s the catch. Some restaurants use stock from meat to amplify the flavour of soups. We bet you didn’t know that!


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Packaged Chips

We hate to break it to you, but your favourite midnight snack is non-vegetarian. A lot of packaged chips have an ingredient called lard, aka fat from animals, added in when they are made. Maybe, that’s why we’re so addicted to these chips. 


Similarly to packaged chips, ready-made tortillas contain lard in them. So, the next time you have Mexican food cravings, you’d most probably want to skip ordering Tortillas. The hurt is real, we feel you!



Your hot chocolate just had a heartbreak! The reason why marshmallows are soft and jiggly is that they contain an ingredient many bakers use, gelatin. And for the uninitiated, gelatin is obtained from animal bones. But if you’re craving marshmallows, you can always go for a vegan option that contains ‘agar agar’, a vegan-friendly alternative to gelatin.


We know this is going to take some time to process because by now, you’ve mostly realised that your life is a lie. But on the brighter side, you now know what not to eat as a vegetarian. Also, you can thank us later! 

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