Beef Dishes You Should Try Out Now

If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Beef is Kerala’s very own food. Prepared in various styles, it never ceases to amaze us. While parotta and beef is the best combination ever, here are few other beef recipes you should try out!

Beef Ularthiyathu

A signature dish of the Christian community, beef Ularthiyathu is most popular on festive occasions. It’s a match made in heaven with the right kind of porotta. The dry preparation of beef involves the flavour that leaves the taste lingering for a while. The coconut oil used especially binds your senses into one.

Malabar Beef Roast

A speciality preparation by North Kerala, it’s a variety from the usual beef roast. It’s the traditional dry dish with grated coconut and spicy seasoning. The red meat is pressure-cooked to perfection and is also served as semi-gravy sometimes.

Beef Pidi

A power packed meal, native to the land of Kerala. Beef Pidi is a unique recipe that includes rice balls with beef. ‘Pidi’ is the Malayalam for rice ball and it absorbs the spices and masala of the meat dish. The gravy further complements the taste of the dish. Pidi vidaan patillia!

Beef Pattichu Varuthathu

Pieces of the mashed beef are cooked and fried to a roast over low flame, along with some strong spices and potatoes. An exotic beef recipe, it’s Kerala’s special. Perfect for lunch or even dinner, it’s a dish made for special occasions.  

Thattukada Beef Curry

Appam’s best friend, it’s a gravy preparation of beef. The gravy is slightly spicy and peppery, the spices and grinded and friend. The meat is then cooked and chunked over in the gravy. It’s a thattukada special and an absolute delight to the road trippers. It’s an authentic Kerala ‘street-food’.

Beef Peralan

The ‘red coloured’ beef curry with a mix of tomatoes and other flavours, Beef Peralan is one of its kind. Usually dry and quite spicy, both pepper and red chilli do their magic. Prepared in coconut oil it leaves all in an awe with the taste and… the nostalgic feeling of home.

Kappa Erachi

Travancore’s true taste, a mix of the root and red meat gives us the ‘Kappa Erachi’. The tapioca is boiled with the necessary spices while the beef is marinated and cooked. Though prepared separately (to preserve the flavour), they are then sautéed together with curry leaves and coconut gratings.

Beef Kallu Shappu Style

The pride of every toddy shop especially in Kottayam, it’s the best combination with the alcoholic beverage, Kallu/toddy. Fried on the outside with tender insides, the secret ingredients are shallots. Served with a slit up green chilli, it’s impossible to pass the kallu shop without smelling this amazing creation.

Beef Mappas

Similar to Beef Stew, but uses vinegar and tomatoes to create tanginess. Different from the usual preparation of the beef with the spices, the coconut milk preparation leaves us in wonder. But do not be fooled by the mellow appearance, it’s the perfect combination with pallappam and kallapam.

What’s your favourite beef recipe?

Shivani Sarat
Content writer and creator. Author of 'Black Daises', a poetry anthology.


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