Home Entertainment Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

It has been a while since the Kerala State Film Awards winners were announced. The entire state rejoiced together, celebrating Mammootty’s victory as the best actor of the year, and showed equal support for all the winners. Although many were pleased with the jury’s decision, there were some works that I personally believed deserved recognition at the awards ceremony. In this article, I will attempt to gather those deserving candidates.

Acting of Bindu Panicker in Rorschach

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

Bindu Panicker is an established actress who has graced the silver screen for a considerable amount of time. She has played various roles, from the comedic relief in classic movies as the uneducated and irrational wife, to a minor character whose purpose is to provide humor in the film. However, her acting talent remained untapped until she took on the character of Seetha in Rorschach. Her performance was chilling and nuanced, leaving viewers stunned by her ability to portray the character. The character’s grey-shaded nature was well-portrayed due to the layered manner in which Bindu Panicker brought the role to life. In my opinion, Bindu Panicker’s portrayal of Seetha was one of the finest acting performances of the year, and it deserves recognition at the Kerala State Film Awards.

Acting of Joju George in Iratta

Joju George is a highly talented actor who can easily handle intense character roles, side roles, and comedic roles in multiple projects, leaving viewers mesmerized. In the crime thriller Iratta, he starred as twins, which piqued the interest of movie fans. The film lived up to its hype, providing a highly engaging and thrilling experience. Joju’s acting performances as both twins are definitely noteworthy, as it is no easy feat to pull off two strikingly different characters in the same film. His sheer skills as an actor helped him deliver one of the most memorable portrayals of twins in the Malayalam film industry. His emotional portrayal of both characters, stark differences in their personalities, and performance in the climax sequences are all deserving of a State Award for Joju.

Acting of Vineeth Sreenivasan in Mukundan Unni Associates

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

Vineeth Sreenivasan is a talented actor whose potential remains untapped and underutilized. In his directorial debut venture, Mukundan Unni Associates, Abhinav Sunder Nayak, Vineeth’s long-time assistant and a prominent editor, decided to showcase Vineeth in a never-before-seen avatar. Vineeth portrays an unapologetically dark and shrewd character named Mukundan Unni, whose sole purpose in life is to achieve success, no matter the cost. His methods are inhuman and dark, and Vineeth’s portrayal is so precise and skilful that viewers may start to dislike Mukundan Unni despite him being the protagonist. The film was a financial success and received positive reviews, with many praising Vineeth’s performance. However, he missed the State Award recognition for his role.

Music by Vishnu Vijay in Thallumaala

The movie Thallumaala was highly praised and marked a significant achievement for Tovino Thomas in his career. The film’s success can also be attributed to its exceptional music album composed by Vishnu Vijay, which garnered substantial attention and publicity. The album consists of nine songs that cater to various genres, including peppy dance numbers, party songs, pulsating intro tracks, and songs that evoke emotions. Vishnu Vijay’s composition is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and distinctive music albums in the Malayalam film industry. Unfortunately, it was disheartening to see that the music, which was the heart and soul of the film, was overshadowed. Vishnu Vijay is a remarkable music composer who strives to create unique music that stands out from mainstream tunes. I am confident that he will receive the recognition he deserves soon, possibly in the form of a Kerala State Film Award.

Background Score by Jakes Bejoy in Jana Gana Mana

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

The movie Jana Gana Mana is widely regarded as an exceptional work of art. Its success can be attributed to its excellent script and intense background score. The high points of the film are especially impactful due to the gripping score that kicks in at just the right moments. The composer, Jakes Bejoy, is known for his amazing soundtracks, particularly his background scores, yet he doesn’t always receive the recognition he deserves.

In Jana Gana Mana, Bejoy goes all out and single-handedly elevates the film’s quality and impact with his intriguing and intense background score, which multiplies the impact of each scene. The courtroom sequences, where Arvind Swaminathan (played by Prithviraj Sukumaran) engages in a back-and-forth with Raghuram Iyer (played by Shammi Thilakan), pack a punch thanks to Bejoy’s pulsating background score. His work in the film was powerful and impactful, and I personally feel that he deserves a State Award for it. Unfortunately, the jury did not agree, which was disappointing.

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Direction of Dijo Jose Anthony for Jana Gana Mana

Works that Deserved Recognition in the 53rd Kerala State Film Awards

Jana Gana Mana is a movie that fearlessly conveys its political message and deserves a spot on the list of impactful films. The script, written by Sharis Mohammad, contains both direct and indirect commentary on the current socio-political situation in the country. However, it is Dijo Jose Anthony’s direction skills that truly bring the script to life. Throughout the film, Dijo’s vision and commitment to perfection are evident in every frame. It is no surprise that he deserves recognition at the State Awards this year.

Acting of Jagadeesh in Rorschach and Kaapa

Jagadeesh is an experienced actor who has been in the industry for a long time. He has the ability to portray complex characters with great depth and intensity. Although this was slightly experimented with in Ranjith’s Leela, the character’s screen time was too short to capture everyone’s attention. However, in 2022, Jagadeesh starred in Rorschach as Head Constable Ashraf and Kaapa as Jabbar. Both of these roles showcased Jagadeesh’s brilliant acting skills. He brought these complex characters to life with finesse and precision, which was an absolute treat to watch. I personally rooted for him to get recognition at the Kerala State Film Awards this year, as he truly deserves it.

These are my picks for works that deserved recognition at the Kerala State Film Awards this year. This article has nothing against all the winners and believe that they all are deserving as well. This article just tried to point out a few works, which were also worthy of an award. Which other work do you think deserved recognition at the State Awards this year? Do mention them in the comments.