Malayalam Movies That Features Actors As Twins

Having twins as characters in a film and having the same actor play these roles is a challenge. I shall highlight some Malayalam movies featuring actors as twins in this article. In no particular order, here are the films and the characters. 

Murali Gopy in 1 by Two

Malayalam Movies That Features Actors As Twins

1 by Two, a film by Arun Kumar Aravind, was embroiled in controversy over a liplock scene between the lead actors, Murali Gopy and Honey Rose. The film didn’t receive a warm response in theatres. One of the most striking factors about the film is Murali Gopy’s double role as twin brothers. Murali delivers a stellar performance as both the brothers, who have many differences in their personalities, characteristics and mannerisms. The film does well to confuse the viewers with the twins, which is a suitable climax twist.

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Mammootty in Cobra

Cobra is a Lal directorial high on comedy with its fair share of emotional moments. It follows the story of twins who are interchanged after a fire accident in a hospital. Mammootty plays the role of the twins. The film was enjoyed by many because Mammootty played a double role a few years after his successful venture Annan Thambi.

Dileep in Pachakuthira

Malayalam Movies That Features Actors As Twins

Pachakuthira is a comedy film by Kamal where Dileep acts in a double role. He plays a junior artist Anandakuttan and his twin brother Akash Menon, who suffers from autism and related mental disabilities. Even though the film is highly problematic, Dileep essays these roles brilliantly as per the script’s demands. It is challenging to portray two roles in a film with two different characteristics, but Dileep does it well. Dileep in Pachakuthira may not be the most remarkable one from Mollywood, but it is worth appreciating.

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Keerthy Suresh in Geethanjali

Being a spin-off sequel to the evergreen classic Manichitrathaazhu, the expectations from Geethanjali were immense. However, the film broke all expectations and became a colossal disappointment to its viewers. Keerthy Suresh’s performance as Geetha and Anjali, the twin sisters in Geethanjali, was remarkable. She showcased the jealousy, rage and vengeance in the sisters’ minds, as well as the feelings of sympathy and sorrow. It was remarkable to see an actress, just starting her career, pull off the roles of twin sisters with such precision.

Raai Laxmi in Oru Marabhoomi Kadha

Malayalam Movies That Features Actors As Twins

Oru Marabhoomi Kadha is a carefree and logicless comedy, much like 70% of Priyadarshan’s filmography. Towards the climax, Raai Laxmi portrays a double role, one of Meenakshi and another of her twin sister Manasi. This is one of the few double roles of twins in Malayalam films, but it is not a highly noticeable one. Much like Mammootty’s double role in Cobra, this one isn’t highly noticeable in terms of the storyline’s impact or the length of the character. However, it still is one of the few double roles of twins we have seen in Malayalam films.

Mammootty in Annan Thambi

Annan Thambi was a comedy film directed by Anwar Rasheed, featuring Mammootty in a double role as Acchu and Appu. The film’s primary intent was entertainment through the situations in the film and its characters, achieved by Mammootty’s caricaturish yet restrained performance. Anwar Rasheed ensured he presented the star in a way the public would love to see him.

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Joju George in Iratta

Malayalam Movies That Features Actors As Twins

Iratta is one of the most disturbing films to have come out recently. Joju George delivers a career-best performance as Pramod and Vinod, twin brothers who are strikingly different and opposites to each other. Joju shows us what it is to be a fine actor with this acting performance and will surely win several accolades. This is arguably one of the finest twin roles Mollywood has ever seen and could ever see.

These are my picks on the few twin roles in Malayalam movies. Which is your favourite double role among these? Who else do you think deserves to be featured on this list? Mention them in the comments below.

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