Different Genres Mollywood Should Explore

Mollywood has been an industry that has constantly given some path-breaking and defining films. Though several innovative stories are told, a few genres are yet to be explored to their full potential. I explore some of the genres Mollywood should venture into in this article. In no particular order, the genres are as follows: 


Different Genres Mollywood Should Explore

There have been several films which were high on action and provided a lot of thrills. From the generation of our original action hero Jayan, up until today’s youth actors who perform action sequences with ease, action is a genre that has constantly evolved and appealed to a large section of the viewers. However, Malayalam is yet to see a strong action film filled with high-octane action scenes. With the type of making and skills we possess in the industry, an action film with meaningful content that stands in the same league as John Wick or Mission Impossible is highly achievable by Mollywood. The upcoming venture titled RDX, starring Neeraj Madhav, Anthony Varghese Pepe and Shane Nigam looks like one of those films which would possibly redefine action films in Mollywood. We need more such movies that make us wow with the stunts shown. 

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Science Fiction

While our experimental content in movies has been applauded worldwide, the number of risks we have taken in the science fiction genre is minimal. The science fiction genre has a lot of scope for expansion and detailing, which can offer the viewers a highly immersive and intriguing viewing experience. Mollywood’s creators should explore it.

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Different Genres Mollywood Should Explore

Mollywood has created some fine horror films, including Manichitrathazhu, that has stood the test of time even after close to 25 years of its release. However, the number of films we can call iconic or a class apart in this genre from Mollywood is minimal. Horror is a genre that has so much potential and scope due to the various subgenres writers can explore. The most commonly resorted fusion genre of horror is horror comedy, which has gained much popularity amongst the masses. For example, Romancham. However, there needs to be a film that is true to the horror genre. Though we have had films like Bhoothakaalam, I would love to see a horror film with enough jump scares and a storyline that is different from the standard template of a happy family/ couple going to an area and encountering a restless spirit, whose issues are solved by these newly made “friends”.

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Romantic Horror

From horror comedy to erotic horror to just plain horror, or even the latest two genres in Mollywood, techno horror and horror drama, we have seen several subgenres in the horror genre. I wish to see a film in the romantic horror genre. With the number of criminal cases coming up nowadays between couples, the possibility of fictionally creating a romantic horror film is not very difficult but surely does sound absurd. However, a well-written story that does justice to both genres and blends them well wouldn’t make it that absurd. Emraan Hashmi and his Raaz and Jannat film series are all erotic and romantic horror films. Replicating it in Mollywood will help the viewers progress screen content anden and expose them to a newer genre of cinema to look forward to.

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Sports Drama

Different Genres Mollywood Should Explore

Mollywood has delivered some fine sports drama movies, with Godha, 1983 and Kho Kho being some of the most notable films. Sports drama is a genre that has endless possibilities and deserves more prominence in Mollywood. Such films will also promote the state’s sports culture and help bring awareness towards those relatively forgotten sports. Therefore, Mollywood should consider exploring the sports drama genre and give some path-breaking content, just like it has been redefining several other genres.

Biographical Films

Biopics is one of those categories in Mollywood, which is very rarely attempted. The very few biopics we have include Captain, Celluloid, Vellam, Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, Kayamkulam Kocchunni, etc. However, Kerala is home to several personalities whose stories can be some of the most exciting and inspiring tales to have ever graced the silver screen. Several individuals ranging from industrialists to politicians, to sportspersons, to actors, to common people, have impacted society; biographical films help give an insight into these individuals’ lives and serve as a source of inspiration to do something extraordinary.

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Sci-fi Romance 

Different Genres Mollywood Should Explore

From taking several topics in romance and exploring its complexities, mostly being ahead of time courtesy of ace filmmakers like Padmarajan and Bharathan, Mollywood’s outlook towards romance and the complexity and naturality of a romantic relationship has consistently grown and evolved with time. On the other hand, science fiction is one genre that Mollywood has tried its hand at occasionally but hasn’t tasted much success due to the innovative and complex narrative the genre deserves. However, combining both genres can offer us some great content. Therefore, a film showcasing a romantic relationship amidst a science-fiction backdrop would be quite an interesting watch. Don’t you think so?

These are my picks of a few genres Mollywood should dive into. Such innovative storylines instil confidence in newcomers to present some highly unique content. Do you think there are more such genres which Mollywood should explore? Mention them in the comments below. 

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