6 Incredible Malayalis Whose Biopics We’d Want To Watch

Malayalam cinema is not a reservoir when it comes to the biopics of Malayalis. But yes, we have had some good biopics over the course of time, like Aami, Kurup, Ennu Ninde Moideen, Captain etc. Now, what about some real-life stories of Malayalis that would make excellent biopics? Check this out and let me know what you think.

PT Usha

A young Malayali female athlete who made it to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games is a story that will have a good audience. Though she has several records to her name, the Los Angles Games was one of the biggest turning points in her life. No, she did not win a medal, she lost by 1/100th of a second! How do you think it would have felt to be so close to a coveted medal only to end up 4th? Maybe a biopic can focus on all the emotions that PT Usha, lovingly called Payyoli Express, must have gone through. 

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6 Incredible Malayalis Whose Biopics We'd Want To Watch

K R Vijayan and Mohana

The owners of a small tea shop in Kochi, K R Vijayan and his wife Mohana have visited 26 countries in the last 14 years. By saving INR 300 from their daily income and taking loans from banks to sponsor their trips, this power couple did not step back from their dream of travelling the world. The exciting element here is that they are ordinary people from very ordinary circumstances who paved their own way to fulfil their dreams, making the impossible possible. The wanderlust generation of Kerala will not turn their back if a movie is made about this couple’s life.

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6 Incredible Malayalis Whose Biopics We'd Want To Watch

Varghese Kurien

The father of the White Revolution, Varghese Kurien’s role in revolutionizing India’s dairy industry is beyond statistics. He helped farmers become more self-reliant, fetching them the deserved pay for the dairy produced. Today, if milk is easily accessible and cheap in our country, it is because of this Malayali social entrepreneur who also founded the biggest and most trusted dairy manufacturer AMUL. A biopic on his life can turn out to be quite inspiring for budding entrepreneurs in Kerala.

6 Incredible Malayalis Whose Biopics We'd Want To Watch

T V Eachara Warrier, P Rajan’s father

T V Eachara Warrier lived his last years in a desperate attempt to fetch justice for his son P Rajan who was arrested by the police. They alleged that he was a Naxalite and later went missing suspiciously. It was the emergency period and human rights were far from one’s reach. Eachara Warrier complained about his missing son and later found that Rajan died succumbing to police torture while in custody. His body was disposed of by the police and never recovered. Eachara Warrier’s legal struggle for justice had created a huge commotion and the then Home Minister Karunakaran had to step down from his office. His book Oru Achante Orma Kuripukal details his journey to serve justice to his son. I really think this is an interesting premise for a film.

T V Eachara Warrier, P Rajan’s father


Padmarajan is a legendary storyteller who earned recognition for his work posthumously. Starting his life as an employee in All India Radio, Padmarajan started working in films which were mostly adaptations of novels he wrote. Regarded as one of the best directors in Indian cinema, Padmarajan details complex emotions, questions societal norms and morals and presents his characters as the reflection of the rawest human forms. The story of a man who has penned and directed some cult classic stories definitely needs to be told.

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6 Incredible Malayalis Whose Biopics We'd Want To Watch

K. R. Gouri Amma

Malayalam cinema hasn’t told enough stories about strong female leaders, especially politicians. When we think of a politician, our subconscious mind drives us to visualize a man. A biopic on K. R. Gouri Amma can help break this notion. A Marxist revolutionary, advocate and author, Gouri Amma was the first female minister and the first revenue minister of Kerala. Being the first female lawyer from the Ezhava community, she also served as the longest-serving MLA in Kerala Legislative Assembly. Her entry into politics was at a time when women were rarely considered to be active politicians. In her 102 years on this planet, K R Gouri Amma has had a very eventful life where she established herself as a strong-headed, capable leader. 

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K. R. Gouri Amma biopic

Do you have more to add to this list of Malayalis who deserve biopics? Comment below!


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