Watch Video: This Kerala Police Officer Climbed A Hill To Help A Woman From Ending Her Life

The Kerala Police department had recently shared a video on Facebook that is making rounds on the internet. In that video, a Kerala police officer can be seen climbing a hill barefoot and convincing a 26-year-old tribal woman from taking her own life.

The tribal woman was about to end her life because her lover refused to marry her. The station house officer Sudheer immediately called Sub-inspector K M Santosh to inform him about the incident. Santosh, along with ASI Abba T M, immediately rushed to the hill located next to Kuthiralam Kudi near Adimali where the woman was attempting to take her life. She was sitting at the edge of the hill.

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Despite efforts by passersby, her relatives and the officer, the woman was reluctant to listen to them. She kept on stressing that she would jump if any help was sent. Kerala police officer Santosh, then, climbed the hill barefoot to speak to her face-to-face. He kept a five feet distance from her and sparked a conversation. He cited his own daughter’s stories and was able to convince the woman from jumping even though she was reluctant to listen to him. The conversation went on for about an hour, according to reports.

The woman shared that she would visit the police station to attend counselling sessions with her parents. It was Santhosh’s out-of-the-way thinking and empathy that saved this woman.

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