This Kerala Woman Hit The Man Who Harassed Her On The Bus, Watch Full Video

The bystanders at the Padinjarathara bus stand in Wayanad were in for a shock when they saw a Kerala woman hit a drunk man on the street. Reportedly, the man was misbehaving and harassing the woman on a bus. When she couldn’t take his harassment anymore, she decided to take matters into her hand.

According to Mathrubhumi, the woman had boarded the bus to Vengappally. During the journey, a man who appeared to be really drunk sat next to her. The man started to misbehave with her. The woman asked him to sit elsewhere, where the seats were empty, but he refused to do so. Seeing this, another female passenger asked him to shift seats. He still didn’t do it. The woman complained to the bus conductor who asked the man to move again, repeatedly.

The drunk man, now annoyed, ended up brawling. Shouting and screaming indecent words, he went towards the woman and gave her a nudge on her chin. This really agitated the woman and got her furious. When he did that, she kicked him out of the bus, got herself down, and started to hit and kick him. In a video captured by a bystander, you can see her shouting at him for harassing her.

Watch the video here:

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