Watch Video: Kerala Sub-Inspector Disarms An Attacker In ‘Action Hero Biju’ Style 

A police chase and the officer hero single-handedly capturing a criminal is a tried and tested formula to portray a “mass” police officer. It is one of those cliché scenes that appear in almost all police movies and yet it manages to hook the audience, despite its repetitive nature. Therefore, it is no surprise that such an event in real life garners a lot of praise. Arun Kumar, a Kerala Sub-Inspector became a hero after he single-handedly disarmed an attacker who was holding a machete.

Swati Lakra, an IPS officer, shared the video on Twitter praising the courage of this Kerala police officer, and it went viral instantaneously. The video showed how the police vehicle approached the attacker who was seated on a scooter. On seeing the Kerala Sub-Inspector, he immediately unsheathed his machete. The attacker, identified as Sugathan, heaved the machete at the inspector, wounding him, and a scuffle broke out between the two of them.

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In a matter of five seconds, the inspector was able to pin the attacker and disarm him. Sugathan was captured by the constable with help from onlookers. Arun Kumar was immediately attended to and got seven stitches for his injury on his fingers.

The video was also shared by the Kerala Police on their official Twitter handle identifying Arun Kumar as the station house officer in charge of the Nooranad police station, Alappuzha and the attacker Sugathan was identified as a resident of Nooranad. The incident occurred at Para junction, near Kayamkulam on June 12.

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The incident has attracted wide media attention and Arun Kumar has received a lot of praise. The video shared by Swathi Lakra has about 110k views already. The real-life ‘Biju Paulose’ (Action Hero Biju) incident has become a hot topic in Kerala.


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