Kerala Police’s Official Twitter Handle Was Hacked, Did You Know?

Who would have thought that a random online entity could hack the Kerala Police’s official Twitter handle?

On Wednesday evening, at 7:30 PM, an entity called Oak Paradise hacked the Twitter account. While the URL, logo and name of the handle were not changed, the account had tweeted images and memes of aliens and UFOs. Creative much?

Kerala Police's Official Twitter Handle Was Hacked, Did You Know?

The Kerala Police had informed the authorities at Twitter regarding the hack. They are currently undergoing the process of getting the account restored and finding the culprit. If you check Kerala Police’s official Twitter handle right now, it looks like the issue has been resolved. However, there’s a cover page missing.

Two years ago, the Kerala Police Academy’s website was hacked by an entity that identified itself as Kerala Cyber Warriors. And now this.

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