10 Times Kerala Police Used Pop Culture To Create COVID-19 Awareness

One of the best ways to grab people’s attention for COVID-19 awareness is by getting really creative. Kerala Police understood this tactic early on and has been generating awareness in the most viral ways possible. The use of humour, wit, memes and pop culture references have proved to be extremely successful. The social media team of the Kerala Police, run by Senior Civil Police Officers Kamal Nath and Bimal VS, Civil Police Officers Santhosh PS, Arun BT, and Biju BS, deserve applause for making the right kind of noise in these tough times.

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The recent viral post of Kerala Police, urging people to get vaccinated is yet another proof of how creativity can get people talking, and taking precautions against COVID-19 seriously. They jumped on the ‘Ra Ra Rasputin…’ bandwagon by creating a video of an animated version of Covishield and Covaxin vaccines grooving to the tunes of the song.

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By making use of trends, trolls, and memes, they have managed to create content that can make us laugh and raise awareness at the same time. Here are 10 of our favourite posts by Kerala Police where they have used pop culture references to spread awareness on COVID-19:

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Inspired by the creativity of the Kerala Police and Mumbai Police, we too, created a COVID-19 awareness post that you may like. Have a look:

Stay at Home. Let’s #CrushTheCurve together!

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