Vidyasagar, The Musical Maestro’s Contribution To Malayalam Cinema – Part 1

Hardcore Vidyasagar lovers would have been elated with his recent releases in Malayalam from the movie, Solomonte Theneechakal, directed by Lal Jose. With his majestic return to Malayalam cinema, though he was never gone, I believe, this legend deserves a tribute for the magic he has created over the years. Starting his career in Malayalam in 1996, spanning for more than two decades, his music serves as a companion for all, irrespective of the generation.

Vidyasagar is often referred to as the “King of Melodies”. His melodies are heavenly and deserve the highest appreciation, but I believe he is a maestro that deserves equal appreciation for other genres too. A huge number of fast-beat songs that even the Gen-Z vibe too was composed by this legend.

Though he was born in Andhra Pradesh, Keralites see him as one of their own. As a music lover, I grew up listening to his music. Initially, his music was just a source of relaxation, but as I grew, his music began to have a deeper connection with me.

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To give an understanding to those who don’t know his impact, Vennila Chandanakinam is the song from his very first movie in Malayalam, Azhakiya Ravanan. He established a space in the Malayalam music industry with his first movie itself, winning the state award for that year.

He has collaborated with legendary directors in Malayalam like Kamal, Sathyan Anthikad and Lal Jose. Lal Jose’s collaboration with Vidyasagar is always a great hype for the movie as the pair has never disappointed the music lovers. With the duo’s return to Solomonte Theneechakal, I believe it is a great time to have a look at his songs that the audience adored.

Vennila Chandanakinam…” (Azhakiya Ravanan)

Though this movie was his first work in Malayalam, the album was a huge success and remains to enjoy even today. The song’s melody still reverberates in our minds with the beautiful rendition by KJ Yesudas and Shabnam. The music of the song is so subtle with minimal orchestration. The sounds of the surroundings and birds add to the beauty of the song. The poetic feel of the lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri just amplifies the brilliant arrangement from Vidyasagar. The music is so simple and elegant that it makes you want to sing along with it.

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Pranayamani Thooval” from the same movie is another example of Vidyasagar’s ability of music range. It is a song with the heroine enjoying herself in the rain, that may have a connotation of passion. Vidyasagar’s brilliance in the orchestration is evident. Sujatha Mohan, the singer, received her first state award for this song.

“Varamanjaladiya…’ (Pranayavarnangal)

As mentioned earlier, this movie has songs that are greatly loved by music lovers and people with different tastes can opt for their favourites from it. Vidyasagar is so talented that he gives the audience an album of music with different genres. The range of choices he offers is remarkable.

“Varamanjaladiya..” is the song sung by Sujatha Mohan, which paved way for her second state award. The music is so serene and soothing that lets you flow with it. “Kannadi koodum kooti..” and “Othiri Othiri swapnangal” are both dance numbers, very different from the one I talked about earlier. The KS Chithra and Yesudas special “Aaro viral…” is also from this movie. Vidyasagar had received a state award for this movie too.

All great music in a single film.

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“Confusion theerkaname…” (Summer in Bethlehem)

Now to those who didn’t have an idea that this song was composed by Vidyasagar, this might come as a great revelation. The same happened to me a few years ago, when I came to know that this song was composed by our very own legend. Man, the sheer energy and excitement of this song are enough to prove that he is not someone that has to be labelled as the ‘King of melodies’ alone.

“Oru rathri koodi” would be the melody that a majority is fond of. But he has to be appreciated for the gems of fast numbers that he has composed. “Maarivilin Gopurangal”, “Choolamadichu” and “Kunnimani kootil” are the other dance numbers that one can vibe to. The ever classic “Ethreyo Janmamayi..” was also another Vidyasagar magic for this movie.

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“Thanka thinkal…” (Indraprastham)

The visuals of the song may be too seductive for many. But true music lovers never had time for the visuals of this song, as the music in itself was so captivating. Imagine the talent Vidyasagar possessed, to have the viewers enjoy the song a bit more than Simran and Akshay Anand’s chemistry on screen.

“Dekho simple magic”, a fast number that talked about the advantages of the internet was another creation of Vidyasagar. This is also one of those rare songs to have our very own Mammookka dancing and vibing.

“Pinneyum pinneyum…” (Krishnagudiyil oru Pranayakalathu)

This classic song’s male and female versions sung by the legendary KJ Yesudas and KS Chithra are both so outstanding. Another melody with which Vidyasagar garnered the state’s critics award.

I’m pretty sure that even if people have not watched this movie, they might be aware of this song. Vidyasagar’s composition had such a talent that it could live independent of the movie.

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I am really confused to pick out a song from this album. Now, this might not be a personal say.

You have amazing and emotional melodies like “Mizhiyariyathe ” and “Yaathrayay” on one side to feed the interest of melody lovers.

Then there are fast numbers like “Prayam thammil”, “Shukriya” and “Oru chik chik” for any party lovers to dance their hearts out. The movie is a culmination of youthhood enjoyed to its fullest. If Niram, still enjoys success years after its release, then the music album of the movie has a major role to play.

I have tried to cover his initial contributions to the Malayalam cinema until the 2000s. This legend has created masterpieces that won’t fit into a single article. Therefore, there would be a follow-up for his other majestic songs.

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