Remembering KK’s Songs The Way It Should Be Remembered

While performing at the Gurudas College’s fest, KK fell seriously ill. Little did we all know that this illness would result in his death. It’s shocking to know that we won’t be able to listen to him sing anymore. Let’s look at all of KK’s songs that had a huge impact on our lives growing up.

Aankohn Mein Teri: Om Shanti Om

A song that conquered infinite hridayams. Deepika’ majestic beauty and Kk’s mystical voice, can we ask for a more adipoli combo?

Uyrin Uyire: Kaakha Kaakha

The beginning notes of this song are sufficient enough for us to guess the song. One of the most popular songs that still rules our playlists.

Sach Keh Raha De Dewaana: Rhtdm

Maddy dancing as a nirashakamukan with an amazing kk’s song is simply bliss to our ears.

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Khuda Jaane: Bachane E Haseeeno

A sensational song of romance and sizzling chemistry between Deepika-Ranbir. Made us all feel like falling in love.

Hum rahe ya na rahe kal

School-College farewells were incomplete without this song, played at least one time. A song that brings karachil, santhosham, nostu and a lot of kootukarde ormakal together!

Yaaro dosti badi hi haseen he

Another gem from kk, A song which was no less than an eternal friendship anthem.

Kya mujhe pyaar he

Haa hume pyaar he ee paatinod!! This song has a special place in our hearts for its beautiful lyrics and the poli vibes that it brings in!

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Strawberry Kanne: Minsara Kanavi

A beautiful track from Minsara kanavu, Prabhudeva’s kidilan dance and the words of Vairamuthu, this song was no less than a little wonder.

Tadap Tadap

Oru kalathe breakup anthem was this masterpiece by kk. This evergreen masterpiece still remains intact in people’s hearts.

O Humdum Suniyo Re: Saathiya

This song is like a fresh breath of air. Modern and new every time you hear it. This was one of KK’s songs that were way ahead of its time.

KK’s songs…uff.

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