Types Of MG Sreekumar Songs You Must Have Heard For Sure

MG Sreekumar

MG Sreekumar and his songs are a mood. Be it cameo portions or duel battles, MG Annan is always at the top with his music. We noted down the different types of MG Sreekumar songs we’ve all fallen in love with. After reading this, you might wonder if it is possible to label him as a complete singer? Let’s see!

Classical/Carnatic Songs

We always admire Lalettan for his outstanding lip-syncing skills. Most of the time, the man behind the songs is MG Annan. He has graced songs like Swaminatha Paripalanaya (Chitram), Nadaroopini (His Highness Abdullah) and Nagumo (Chitram).

Romantic Songs

If you take any evergreen list of Malayalam romantic songs, MG Sreekumar’s songs are bound to be there. Songs from Chitram, Vettam, Vandanam etc. are some of his classic examples. Even his recent releases, songs from Oppam and Bro Daddy, were nice and soothing to hear.

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Adipoli/Dance Hits

Have you been to any party, school tour, gatherings or campfire organized by Malayalis where songs of MG Annan were not played? It is a rarity. Vel Muruga, Pathinala Raavinte, Margaziye Mallikaye, Va Va Manoranjini, Pazhanimala Murugan, Thakila Pukilu, Chil Chil Chilamboli, Kadukitu Varathoru are some of his major dance hits. Why do you think his fast track songs are so famous? It’s because every time you listen to it, your adrenaline goes up.

Duet Songs

MG Annan has the capability to adapt to his counterpart singer. His duet songs include the iconic Nadodi Poonthikal, Doore Kizhakudikum, Oru Kathilola, Mandharachepundo, Karutha Penne etc. He has also aced songs that have a competitive element in it, like Padakali, Anthikadapurathu, Themmadikaate, Thinkale Poothinkale, etc.

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Shokam Ganangal

If a song makes us sad, we have to thank an actor’s acting prowess and the singer’s soulfulness. Songs like Kaneerpoovinte, Nilavae Maayumo, Sooryakireedam, Neerpalunkukal are proof of it.

Songs which require Breath Management Skills

MG Sreekumar and his rapping skills are very underrated. Have you heard his rap portions of Swaminatha Paripalaya, Padakali, Thamarapoovil vaazhum, and Themmadikaate?

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Devotional Songs

MG Annan has also tried his hand at a few devotional songs. Some have become huge hits too. Most of them are songs dedicated to Ayyappa. Other songs like Samaveda Naavil Unarthiye Swamiye, Pamba Ganapathi, Angakale Manimele, Kannolam Kandathu Pora, Pokunne Njanum are some of his famous hits.

Feel Good Type

Want to feel happy and relaxed? Just listen to Avaniponnoonjal, Oru Rajamalli, Mazathullikal, and Padam Pootham Kaalam.

Old Wedding Song

Songs like Avani Ponnoonjal, Vinnile Poykayil, Thiruvaathira, Penne Penne are some of the common wedding songs you must have heard. Brownie points if you have heard these classic gems while watching a wedding video.

Children Songs

Yup, MG Sreekumar has also sung songs that children love to listen to. Some examples are Pachakarikkaya Thattil, Chinkra Kinnaram and Minnugum Minnaminungee.

If we have missed out on any of your favourite MG Sreekumar songs, comment below.

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