Kerala School Trips: Walk Down Memory Lane

Imagine a fine morning in your classroom. The morning prayer just got over. Your class teacher comes and takes attendance. Upon closing the register, she announces the best part of your school life – “School Trips”.

At that moment, almost all of us feel the heat of excitement and happiness burning within us. Everyone starts to whisper among each other.

Kerala School Trips: Memory down the lane ft Goa

Slowly the whispers become loud discussions and suddenly you hear the golden words- “Silence! Is this a fish market? Keep quiet or else there won’t be a trip!” 

She is lying of course! But for namesake, you all keep mum.

Why don’t you join us as we discuss – Kerala School Trips: Memory down the lane ft. Goa.

Go Goa Gone

An honorary mention to the place that could hardly make it to a school trip.

Just like the cameo of Nivin Pauly in Anandham and Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2, Goa always gets a second role in every school trip discussion ever!

To every “Goa Poyalo” from a student, there was always a “Nadakunna Karyam Paray” from the teacher.

Planning Places

After Goa is gone, this happens!

Teacher: Suggest a place where everyone can go. A place which is close yet far. 

Enter Dasanum Vijayanum of trip destinations.

Ooty and Kodaikanal– Welcome to Ooty, nice to meet you! Come and explore the lakes, cycling by the lakes, pine forests and the campfire. The only place where you get to wear sweaters and mufflers! Come on, you can’t just ignore us! (Students roll their eyes!)

Kerala School Trips: Memory down the lane ft Goa

Enters Tippu sultan with the nearby zoo animals

Tippu sultan -You all will have an Adipoli time visiting my Summer Palace. And not to forget, you all get to visit these animals residing in a nearby Zoo.

Students: It’s a museum!! MUSEUM!!! NOO!

Teacher: Try something different. Why not Wayanad or Vagamon?

Scotland of India enters

Coorg: Wanna trek? See coffee plantations? Keri Vaada Makkale! (Many students nod)

Munnar: Eravikulam National Park anyone? Oh, I’m cool too like Dasanum Vijayanum! (Ignored in silence..)

Students: Banglore!? What a rocking city ma’am!! (Nammuru Banguluru bgm plays)

Teacher: I forgot something. It’s a one-day trip. (Students sigh!)

Enters Veega Land! (present Wonderla)

Veega land: You want me…. 😉
Students: :! We want you baby!

Kerala School Trips: Memory down the lane ft Goa

Hampi, Chikmagalur left the conversation.

The ninnevittal enneyum vidum anomaly

Admit it, this is a fundamental part of almost all school trips.

If A’s parents allow A for the trip then B’s parents will let B to got for the trip. But B’s parents will allow B only if A’s parents allow A. And there stands C, who is dependent on A and B.
And people say we don’t know transitivity!

That Sudinam.

The D-day flys in. You wake up without an alarm clock. All the pre-trip snack shopping is done. Even if your math is poor, you do all permutations and combinations on the seating arrangements.

The journey begins.

All the dancers slowly rise, others begin to snack and the remaining 10% sniffing lemons begin to puke mercilessly. All are happy.


Finally, you reach your destination. Clicking loads of pictures and buying useless stuff with the money you got from your parents, the trip slowly reaches its end. You enjoy yourself with your friends.

And if your crush/GF/BF/special someone was there too, then stealing glances with them, you finally sit in peace.

Kerala School Trips: Memory down the lane ft Goa

Your bus is about to reach back. Your teacher is counting heads and making sure if LHS=RHS. Returning home, you describe every detail to your parents (minus your crush details ). You made memories.

School trips are always extraordinary, aren’t they?

Did we make you nostalgic? Or did we miss anything? Let us know that in the comment section below!

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