High School Memories That We All Treasure

Thinking about school is nothing short of getting into Doraemon’s time machine. From friends to teachers, from classrooms to exams, school memories will give you a senti moment even on a gloomy afternoon. Today, let’s take a nostalgic ride to some memories from your school days.

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School Notebooks

The notebook was supposed to be used for taking notes. But alas! It was the primary instrument to get rid of boredom in class. The last page of the notebook was meant for FLAMES. The countless times you’ve wished to land on “love” or “marry” with your crush and the undoubted, innocent times you have giggled at S(ex). And if your friend ever scribbled in your book, it was war! Caricatures, secret love letters, and chits…can computer screens ever match the humble notebook?!


Nishkalanga Pranayam

Remember the times when you had a crush on a senior/junior, and you waited by the canteen to see them during break time? And if they ever glanced at you and smiled while they were with their friends, that made your day, didn’t it? If you ever did end up in a relationship, you had to make sure that the ‘nallakutty’ in class didn’t go rat you out to teachers.

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But then there was the worst part – the breakup. If you don’t have a failed love story in your list of school memories, you were probably a ‘padippist’ and will never understand the ‘rodanam’ of the broken heart of a 16-year-old. Your breakup would be the talk of the school and you had to endure moments when you passed by their class or ran into them at the bus stop and your good for nothing friends would start singing “ekaantha chandrikeee…”.


Neeyanoda Leonardo da Vinci?

Desks were your canvas. Everywhere you sat, you left your mark with a compass or whitener. The marks you left were often the initials of your crush or a few good theris to enlighten the people who sat there after you. Some artists even drew some amazing works of art on these desks; skills that now help them create beautiful corporate presentations, I guess.


These were people who were perpetually hungry; from the moment the morning prayer was done till when they got into a bus to go home (probably after that too). These days, they’re called “foodies”, but back then, we called them “theetapandarams”. They had a divide and conquer policy – first, divide the food then conquer their friend’s bite as well. And this is why you had to protect your tiffin with your life. But you should thank them for being comrades in the classroom lunch sessions. No potluck in life is ever going to be that great!

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Fake Signs for Real Times

Forging your parent’s sign in your report card was bigger than the heists in Money Heist. If you’re lucky, you’d have a friend who could replicate your parent’s sign perfectly. If not, you had to take the risk and do it yourself. And if your teacher suspected foul play and called your parents…pani paali!


Teachers Autobiography (aka Thallal)

Getting your teacher to tell you their life story is the ultimate hack. Now, the teacher’s biography can range from their personal or professional life or to how they’ve never taught hooligans like you (yes backbenchers, I’m looking at you). Most often, the teachers themselves know that they are wasting time, yet they just go with the flow. This was the perfect time to engage in some daydreaming, get that much-needed power nap or laugh extra loud at their dumb jokes because “engaanum mark koodthal thannaalo?!”

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Exam Season or Prayer Season?

The exam season makes you extra-religious. The transition from 1 chapter a day to over 8 chapters a day happens in the blink of an eye. And then you have to rely on your best friend to teach you the important parts, 5 minutes before the exam. Ultimately, you make a nercha to your God saying that you WILL study harder next time if you get past the pass mark this time. Ah, the trick didn’t work back then, and it doesn’t work now with work deadlines either.


Fashion Statements

High school was the time when we started rebelling against the school’s uniform norms. Small things like getting a fancy haircut or flaunting your podi meesha, to using colourless lip balm and nail polish helped you create a fashion statement. But then again, the biggest fashion statement of all was wearing your pants to the lowest low-waist recorded in the history of mankind and leaving that ‘churul’ outside your plaited hair purposefully so that if you ever have ‘that perfect moment’ with wind on your face, it would be nothing short of a movie still. 

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Class Photo

Probably the most painful memory of all class photos is that of the last photo you took with your friends during your farewell. You might have lost the actual photo in the endless pile of folders, but it is clear as day in your mind’s eye. After this photo was taken, things began to change. All the promises of “keeping in touch” faded away as calls became less frequent and birthdays got forgotten. In the relentless march of life, you slowly started adulting.

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What are some of your favourite memories from school? Tell us in the comments!

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