Thrissur Kada: The Online Grocery Shopping App

Grocery shopping has always been a strenuous task for people. Unlike the past, today we have supermarkets around us from where we can purchase anything that we need. Earlier, people had to go to different shops for different products, but supermarket shopping has made things easier. That said, the huge crowd and the long queues at the billing desk is still a pain in the ass. In this pandemic situation, shopping has become a risky business. But Thrissur Kada has come up with the perfect solution. The online application was developed by Thaniyavarthan Enterprise to make shopping easy, efficient and time-saving that you can use in the comfort of your home.

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As the name suggests, Thrissur Kada is an exclusive online grocery shopping application for Thrissurites. Just like the Malayalam proverb – “Uppu thottu Karpooram Vare” (from salt to camphor), this app provides a wide range of products that are needed in your home. It consists of all types of groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, personal care products, cosmetics from top brands, household essentials, etc.

Thrissur Kada also has tie-ups with well-known food chains in Thrissur to provide delicious food products to you. You can get access to restaurants, bakeries, caterers, etc. on their app. In fact, you can even sell homemade food through the app. Currently, Thrissur Kada is available in areas within a 10 KM radius of Thrissur town. It will be expanded to sub-towns soon.

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The pricing of Thrissur Kada’s products is incredible. Everything they sell is under MRP, so don’t worry about the price factor. Amazing offers are also available depending on the products and occasions. There’s also an option to return the products too, with terms and conditions applied.

How To Use The Thrissur Kada App

  • Download the Thrissur Kada application from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your location and address
  • Choose the product you want from the list of items available
  • Now place your order and wait for it to be delivered to you
  • You can also purchase from Thrissur Kada through their official website.

So Thrissurites, shopping is no longer a burden. Make your shopping experience easier and effective through Thrissur Kada.

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