Shopping Streets In Thrissur For The Shopaholic In You

Street shopping is surely a one of a kind experience. Most metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are famous for their boulevards and avenues filled with shops selling different items at bargainable prices. Although this trend has been relatively less in Kerala, the demand for street shopping has been on the rise. Cities like Thrissur had organised night shopping festivals, exclusively for street-side stores. Let’s take a quick stroll through five shopping streets in Thrissur to rub off your shopping woes.

High Road 

Previously known as the jewellery street, High Road in Thrissur stretches through a length of 9.23 km filled with stationery shops, department stores and dime stores selling silver and gold. It houses the well known Akshaya Hotel. There are various other stores selling everything from books, toys, utensils to pieces of jewellery and dresses. 

Few notable stores: Mariya Rose (Fashion jewellery), Bata (shoes), Southern Sports, Josco Jewellers, Anez Anzare Makeup Studio (salon), Fottoy (footwear and bags)

Shopping Streets In Thrissur For The Shopaholic In You

Post Office Road 

Post Office Road is the go-to place for every techie in Thrissur. You will find over 50 electronic stores, big and small alongside other convenience stores here. The OG Thrissurkaar would be well aware of the small sub lanes within the road selling items at wholesale prices. 

Few notable stores: Kala Digital Photo World (Camera store ), Bhavana Home Appliances, Anna Kittex Company Showroom, Memory Tag (Gift Shop)

Shopping Streets In Thrissur For The Shopaholic In You

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Erinjery Angaadi

All of us might have made that last-minute trip to the Feji store to get our craft and stationery supplies. This lane will evoke many memories of our school days. From getting our monsoon sandals from the Global Footstore or grabbing our Scooby bags, this lane was our go-to. This street also houses the famous 200-year-old Velleppam market, a historic site in itself. 

Few notable stores: Velleppam Angadi, Feji Agencies (craft and stationery), Dreams Flowers and Gifts, Global Foot store (shoes, bags) 

Sakthan Market 

The Sakthan market is the one-stop for daily groceries, meat, fruits and vegetables. The meat market, fish market and vegetable market are in full swing daily. You will find people flooding them from morning to evening. The market also houses several clay pottery and utensils on the roadside which is also in high demand. 

Few notable stops: Real Hypermarket, Fish market, Sakthan Clay Utensils market, Vegetable Market 

Shopping Streets In Thrissur For The Shopaholic In You

Jai Hind Market 

Thrissur’s JaiHind market is Kerala’s own Sarojini Nagar. Situated near Municipal Office road, the market is a hot spot for clothing and fashion stores. It is filled with buzzing crowds day and night. Several famous fashion brands have had their humble beginnings from this very own market. The lanes are crowded with mini-stores selling all types of clothes at various prices along with tonnes of wholesale stores. The fruit vendors in Jai Hind Market are also very well known. 

Few notable stores: Bombay Collections, Kalyan Textiles, General Cards

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These are some of the iconic shopping streets in Thrissur where you can get everything under the sun.

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