This Video From Kerala Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

This viral video from Kerala is making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons. The video of Arya and Archana carrying their friend Alif Muhammad who is differently abled has left netizens in tears of joy. It shows us the true meaning of friendships.

Asif, a final year B.Com student at DB College, looks forward to meeting his friends every day. He attends college in a two-wheeler with his friends; he constantly hangs out with them. One of the reasons he grew fond of his circle of friends is because they don’t make him feel inferior. Rather, they treat him as one of them without any pity or sympathy. The viral picture is symbolic of their true friendship.

When Asif posted the video on his Instagram account, it garnered a lot of positive comments from people all over. His caption said, “When you drink water with your wonderful friends, even that tastes sweets.”

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This video from Kerala was clicked by wedding photographer Jagath Thulaseedharan. He captured this candid moment of joy which ended up becoming one of the most positive videos you’ll come across today.

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