Vivicutz: The Malayali Synchronization Expert We All Love

Sync 50% Fun 49.9%, the bio reads of the Instagram page “Vivicutz” by the content creator Vishnu Vijayan.

Getting inspired by the captain of synchronization ‘Oye Ankit‘, Vishnu Vijayan stepped into putting his talents to the birth of the page Vivicuts. He is currently pursuing an IT course in Bangalore.

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Like many others, he also started his content creation during the time of lockdown. Amidst the pandemic and ongoing chaos, he worked on his skills to give a mix of fun-filled synchronized videos that made the world laugh. Now, he has mastered the art of syncing famous clips with different trending Malayalam videos and songs and turning them into viral content.

When the pandemic scared the whole world, many artists started building their works from scratch by learning editing from YouTube, taking the break as a boon.

The page has 106K followers currently and the responses and welcoming from the audience are a push for him for better content.

His notable works include the videos of superstar Mohanlal, which gained over 6.7 million views.

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Malavika Venugopalan
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