From Balloon Seller To Model, This Girl In Kerala Has Become Internet’s Viral Sensation

We all remember Arshad Khan, right? The blue-eyed chaiwala from Islamabad who became a model because of his viral photo. Apparently, the same fate fell upon a balloon seller in Kerala. She has now won thousands of hearts through her modelling pictures.

From Balloon Seller To Model, This Girl In Kerala Has Become Internet’s Viral Sensation

It was during the Kannur Andallurkavu festival that Payyannur based photographer Arjun Krishnan saw a balloon seller. Her candid position with the balloons made for a great photograph. As such, Arjun decided to take a shot. When he showed the picture to the girl and her mother, they were quite elated. He soon came to know that girl’s name is Kisbu and belongs to a Rajasthani family.

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When Arjun shared the picture on social media, he received amazing responses. His friend Shreyas too took a picture of Kisbu. And as you guessed, it went viral too. She became so famous that she was called for a makeover photo session. A stylist named Remya helped with the makeover and gave Kisbu a Malayali personality.

In the photoshoot, she is seen wearing a traditional Kerala set mundu and traditional jewellery. She also gets a modern makeover in another shot. Check it out here:

We can’t wait for more pictures! More than that, we hope more opportunities come her way. From balloon seller to overnight sensation, Kisbu is making it big in Kerala.

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