This Store In Thrissur Will Wow You With Its Art And Craft Supplies

Feji Arts And Crafts in Thrissur’s Erinjery Angady has some of the best collections of arts and crafts in town. Having been around for 31 years, this two-storeyed building is a paradise for kids and adults alike. The moment you enter this store in Thrissur, their art and craft supplies will leave you momentarily confused about what to check out first. From stationery, fabric, laces, and beads, there’s something to catch everyone’s fancy, especially for DIY artists and hobby crafters.

This Store In Thrissur Will Wow You With Its Art And Craft Supplies

As kids, we would often drop by the store to buy art and craft supplies for school projects. We would be mesmerized by the collection they had. Even today, they still maintain that wow factor. Feji Arts And Crafts has become a household name; one that not only brings back good ol’ memories of our childhood but also promotes the habit of inculcating hobbies among people.

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This Store In Thrissur Will Wow You With Its Arts And Crafts Supplies

Even though the store has two floors, it gets crowded. Don’t go there hoping to do a round of quick shopping. You’ll need to take your time. That said, the staff is really helpful and will get you anything you need in a jiffy. What we really adore about their store is their unique payment system. Every time you buy something, one of the staff members will present a bill to you. You have to head to the billing counter and make the payment. Once you’re done, you can show the paid bill to the nearby package supplier, who will have your package packed and ready to go.

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They’re also available online at You can place your order via the website or by DMing them on Instagram. Or, you can visit their iconic store.

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