Corner Store In Thrissur Serves Amazing Dry Fruits, Nuts And Spices

If you’re looking for dry fruits, nuts and spices at an affordable rate, look no further than the Corner store in Thrissur. It’s a wholesale store that opened shop this year, and locals have been raving about the quality of their products. After their successful run in Cochin and Kozhikode, they decided to start the third franchise in Thrissur. 

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Corner Store In Thrissur

Apart from dry fruits, nuts and spices, they also provide baking ingredients, special biriyani rice (from Kozhikode), and other catering items that can be purchased in bulk.

Check out their varieties of dates, sweets, spices and packaged items. They also have a section dedicated to bakers where you can get access to baking tools, equipment, and ingredients. In fact, they also serve toiletries and home cleaning products. The best part? The prices of their products are pocket-friendly.

Corner Store In Thrissur

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Corner Store In Thrissur

In Thrissur, there are many hubs that have been selling wholesale products for decades. Corner Store in Thrissur is a modernised version of the age-old wholesale stores. They have ample space in and around so you get to explore each and every item precisely. They don’t comprise on quality so no matter what you buy, you can be assured of a great standard. 

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Address: Ikkanda Warrior Rd, East Fort Junction, Thrissur

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