There’s A New Pizza Place In Thrissur And They Serve 22 Inch Pizzas

Sijis Pizza Street has opened a new outlet in Thrissur after having won the hearts of people in Trivandrum, Calicut, Edapally, and Aluva. Located opposite Paravattani children’s park, this pizza place In Thrissur serves a variety of pizzas that will make you wanting for more.

Their 22-inch large pizza is their biggest highlight. Yes, you’ll need a whole gang of friends or family to finish this monstrous pizza.

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In a city where it’s often impossible to separate hype from the real deal, Sijis Pizza Street stands out for its street cred. Crispy and doughy, their pizzas are cheesy, mixed with spicy sauces, and have an overload of meat. Their Firecracker Pizza, Delhi Delight Pizza, Africano Pizza, and more and crowd pullers. Now, imagine the burst of flavours with every bite. Great, right? Head over to Sijis Pizza Street for some of the best pizzas in town. This pizza place in Thrissur is a must-try.

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