This Place In Adoor Serves The Longest Shawarma In Kerala

It is almost impossible to not fall in love with shawarma. Packed with a smokey flavor, it’s one of the best satisfying, soul-fulfilling street meat ever created by humans. That’s why you must try the longest shawarma in Kerala from Vibe located in Adoor. By long, I mean, imagine three shawarmas combined together and rolled by two people. Long enough, right?

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Vibe calls it the Train Shawarma, for obvious reasons. Available in chicken and beef, this dish can serve well for four people. As for the flavors, this Turkish Mexican special has the right amount of spice and heat. The chef combines three customizable flavors that bring out all the delicious elements within the shawarma. It will definitely excite your taste buds. What you will want to do is go with a group so you can gorge on the entire dish. The Chicken and Beef varieties will cost you INR 349 and INR 399 respectively.

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Yet another innovation from Vibe is their Pani-Puri Shawarma which is filled with chicken/beef, mayonnaise, and sweet-sour chutney. We’re sure it’s a flavor bomb from the looks of it. Don’t forget to save room for their Ice Cream burger. You heard that right. So if you’re a fan of crazy dishes, Vibe in Adoor is the place to head to right now.

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Do try the longest shawarma in Kerala and share your verdict in the comments below.

Location: Karuvatta, Kayamkulam – Punalur Rd, Adoor, Kerala 

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