Lakshmi Sweets: The Best Place For Snacks and Sweets

The blurp sound of snacks dipped in hot oil, the mouth-watering aroma of yummy edibles, and the pleasing smile of the staff. These are some of the moments that you can experience when you visit Lakshmi Sweets. With a 40-year-old history, Lakshmi Sweets is one of the best places in Thrissur that every food lover should visit. They not only provide sweets but also varieties of hot snacks. 

What Makes Lakshmi Sweets Special?

Lakshmi Sweets may seem like a small shop. But there’s a whole different world of sweets and snacks when you enter the shop. On a daily basis, more than 60 types of dishes are prepared and sold here. This includes mostly all kinds of sweets and vegetarian snacks. The preparation of food items starts from 3.00 am, and the process continues till dusk. By the end of the day, the racks of sweets and snacks will be empty.

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All the items available here are made with natural ingredients, following the traditional way of cooking. So the taste and quality of every item are authentic with flavours that have stood the test of time. One of the other interesting aspects about Lakshmi Sweets is the price they charge for their products. Whether the world economy is in recession or not, they provide food to people at low prices compared to other food shops in Thrissur.

Credits – @eatatthrissur
Credits – @eatatthrissur

The Success Story of Murali

The origin of Lakshmi Sweets dates back to more than 40 years ago. Murali, the owner of Lakshmi Sweets started his venture on a small scale. During that period, the concept of a bakery or a shop exclusive for sweets or snacks was not so common in Thrissur. He slowly started to sell his products to people who took a liking to his offerings. After years of toiling, this small venture grew up to be of the best food places in Thrissur. Here’s Murali‘s tip for running a successful business – The quality of the products will determine a venture’s success.

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The Famous Combo

Another attraction of Lakshmi Sweets is their special Idli with traditional sambar and coconut chutney that they serve in the morning. This combo is quite famous in Thrissur. You’d be surprised by the number of people who reach Lakshmi Sweets early in the morning to have this special combo. They also sell their idli batter for INR 50 for 1 KG.

Apart from the wide range of snacks, sweets, payasams, chips, etc., you can also get pickles, kondattams, and chammanthi powder. They take both wholesale and retail orders for the same. For bulk orders, you need to call them in advance. Their contact number is 0487 2335186.

Location: Lakshmi Building, 28/613, Press Club Rd, Naikkanal, Thrissur

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Thrissurites, if you haven’t visited Lakshmi Sweets yet, check out this place as soon as possible to enjoy the grand fiesta of flavours.

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