10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

Thrissur, the cultural hub of Kerala is not only famous for its ever so eventful festivals but also for the delectable dishes the city offers. Confused about what to eat while you are on your next trip to the City of Poorams? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This ultimate guide will feature the must-try dishes in Thrissur to satisfy the cravings of the food lover in you.

Biriyani from Sapphire

It is impossible to begin this list of must-try dishes in Thrissur without mentioning the Biriyani from Hotel Sapphire. Famous for its aromatic flavours, the legacy of this hotel dates back to as far as 1972. The biriyani rice, exclusively brought from Siliguri is one amongst the many peculiarities of this hotel. People from all over Kerala eagerly wait to enchant their taste buds here. Located at Poothole in Thrissur, Sapphire’s Chicken/Egg/Fish/Mutton Biriyani are unmissable. People can have a heart and stomach-filling meal for just around ₹350. The hotel is on Swiggy and Zomato for online deliveries.

10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

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Fish Curry Meals from Central Hotel 

Central Hotel’s fish curry is the OG of fish curries. The special kingfish curry made with coconut paste and dried Malabar tamarind has been a favourite of countless Malayalis, including icons like Prem Nazir and K Karunakaran. Even after 83 years of delivering immaculate taste, Central Hotel in Chembukaavu continues to maintain its authentic flavours. The special fish curry meals priced at ₹195 is worth every penny! 

Thyru Vada from Pathans Hotel

Being one of the oldest hotels in Thrissur, Pathans has been a regular food spot for many families. It is one place where you can go without worrying about the quality and taste of the food served. Pathans delivers the finest vegetarian cuisine in town with everything on the menu a must-try. On your next stop to Pathans, do not forget to dive into their thyru vada priced at just ₹60!

10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

Khachapuri from Roastown Global 

Roastown Global is a new restaurant that has come up in Thrissur. They serve global cuisine and one of a kind fine dine experience. In a short span of time, the restaurant has become a favoured pick among many in town. It is the ideal spot for every foodie who wants to have different tastes from around the globe on their plates. The Khachapuri – a Georgian boat-shaped pizza is a fan favourite and is definitely a new relishing experience. The Chicken khachapuri (also available in meat and egg) is priced at ₹582 and is available on Swiggy and Zomato too.

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Vegetarian Meals from Bharath Hotel 

Bharath Hotel is a household name in Thrissur. Located in Chembottil Lane, lunch or coffee from the legendary vegetarian hotel is a daily routine for many. They never repeat the dishes in their iconic sadhya meal and don’t use garlic in their food. Set up in the 60s, you always see the hotel packed with people. The meals from Bharath, priced at just ₹95 is a must-try on your next lunch outing.

10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

Cutlet from Indian Coffee House 

Founded by the Communist icon AK Gopalan in 1958, the Thrissur edition of the Indian Coffee House remained unchanged for 60 years. It is also known for its production of coffee powder, used and sold in all Coffee Houses around Kerala. The Masala Dosa and cutlets served in this historical eatery is famous for their beetroot filling and distinct taste. There are multiple ICHs in Thrissur. However, the ones in Swaraj Round and Vadakke Bus Stand are the most popular outlets. The veg cutlet from here costs just ₹12 and is unmissable from our list of must-try dishes in Thrissur.

Porotta and Beef from Akshaya Hotel

How can this list of must-try dishes in Thrissur proceed without recommending a Porotta and Beef joint, the vikaaram of every Malayali? While we have plenty of recommendations, the beef dishes from Akshaya are worth a special mention. Being one of the oldest hotels in town, Akshaya is famous for its non-vegetarian dishes. With over four outlets in Thrissur, the beef roast here retails around ₹170, and is always available on Zomato and Swiggy!

10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

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Paalada Paayasam from Ambiswami 

There would be barely anyone in Thrissur who hasn’t heard about Ambiswami sweets and sadhya. Ambiswami catering services started way back in the 1960s and continue to be the first choice for a majority of people from Thrissur during any function or festival. Ambiswami’s  Paalada Payasam is undoubtedly one of the best in town as they are the pioneers of serving high-quality sweets This tasty treat can also be ordered online via Zomato at just ₹130.

Masala Dosa  from Sreebhavan

Sreebhavan has been a local favourite for 57 plus years and would have surely been one of the go-to eateries for many of our parents and grandparents. Located in Ollur, Sreebhavan is famous for its fantastic Masala dosa and vegetarian meals among other wide variety of splendid vegetarian food the hotel offers. The ₹57 Masala dosa from Sreebhavan is definitely one of our top picks from this list of must-try dishes in Thrissur.

10 Must-Try Dishes In Thrissur Food Lovers Should Not Miss

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Did we miss out on any dish from the thriving food scene in Thrissur? Tell us in the comments!

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