Best Biriyani Places In Thrissur You Must Try

When we think about Thrissur, the first few images that come to our mind are Thrissur Pooram and Thekkinkadu Maidanam. Yes, a Thrissurite will even hear the beats of Panjarimelam when they hear the name of their native place. Thrissur is not only famous for festivals and cultural activities but it is also known for famous food dishes such as Ambiswami’s Sadhya, Vellepam Angadi special appams, etc. However, some of us don’t proudly talk about our biriyani offerings like how they do in Kozhikode and Kannur. Thrissur has numerous places that provide the best biriyani in the town. These biriyani places in Thrissur are always a delight for the Thrissurites to satiate their biriyani cravings.

Sapphire Hotel

Biriyani Places In Thrissur
Credits: Kerala Food Rider

If you ask a Thrissurite to list the best biriyani places in Thrissur, they will usually start with Sapphire Hotel. Sapphire is one of the oldest hotels situated in the middle of the city and serves a classic chicken biriyani. It is made with small rice and simple biriyani masala. Mutton, egg, and vegetable biriyani are also available in the hotel. If you’re looking for a simple traditional Kerala biriyani, Sapphire will be one of the best choices in Thrissur. You can place an order in Zomato or Swiggy for this classic biriyani.

Chicken Biriyani: ₹160

Mutton Biriyani: ₹180

Egg Biriyani: ₹120

Veg Biriyani: ₹120

Location: Sapphire Complex, Railway station Road, Veliyannur, Poothole, Thrissur.

Maple Bakehouse

Maple Bakehouse
Credits – Eat at Thrissur

As the name suggests, Maple Bakehouse is a bakery that serves mouth-watering biriyani apart from the usual bakery dishes. Both chicken and beef biriyani are available here. The juiciness of the well-cooked meat and the special seasoning of cashews and raisins makes Maple biriyani unique from other biriyanis in town. The special mint chutney served along with the biriyani is also a highlight of Maple biriyani. Maple bakehouse is both available on Swiggy and Zomato. 

Chicken Biriyani: ₹145

Beef Biriyani: ₹155

Location: Koorkanchery-Chiyyaram Rd, Kannamkulangara, Thrissur.

Alankar Restaurant

Biriyani Places In Thrissur
Credits – Food hunger 

Alankar Restaurant is the place that provides the best beef biriyani in town. The masala of this biriyani is a perfect blend of meat and finely chopped coconut. This gives an extremely new and fresh taste to the biriyani. You can place your orders through Zomato and Swiggy.

Beef Biriyani: ₹190

Location: Opposite BSNL Office, Post Office Road, Thrissur.

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Fresh Bake

If you’re craving a spicy Palakkad style biriyani, Fresh Bake is the best choice for you to satiate your cravings. Fresh Bake’s biriyani menu is loaded with different types of biriyanis such as kaada, chicken, beef, mutton, and fish. Here, biriyani is served in earthen pots and the spiciness of the biriyani makes it different from the usual Malabari biriyani. The thick raita served along with the biriyani is another attraction of Fresh Bakes. At the time of writing this article, Fresh Bake is not available on any of the food delivery platforms.

Price: Not available

Location: Next to Kalthode Juma Masjid, Thrissur-Palakkad road.

Sulaimani 168

Sulaimani 168
Credits – Eat at Thrissur

Malabar food dishes are always a tasty treat for all of us. Sulaimani 168 is one of the best restaurants in Thrissur that serves authentic Malabari cuisine. This special Malabari biriyani, packed in a banana leaf, is one of the best sellers in Sulaimani 168. The perfect mixture of flavours wrapped in the banana leaf make the biryani from Sulaimani 168 more homely and traditional. You can order it through Zomato and Swiggy.

Egg Biriyani: ₹130

Chicken Biriyani: ₹170

Kaada Biriyani: ₹190

Beef Biriyani: ₹180

Location: Ikkanda Warrior Rd, near Jubilee Mission, East Fort, Thrissur.

Hortoos Biriyani

Biriyani Places In Thrissur
Credits – Hazir M A

Hortoos Biriyani is a Kodungalloor based biriyani brand that serves chicken, beef, mutton, and fish biriyanis with a mesmerizing blend of flavors. The special preparation of Hortoos biriyani without adding any artificial essence and ingredients makes it unique from others. At the time of writing, Hortoos biriyani is not available on any food delivery platforms. But you can contact them at 9544467733 for making direct orders.  

Chicken Biriyani: ₹130

Beef Biriyani: ₹140

Mutton Biriyani: ₹270

Location: Currently, they have 3 outlets around Kodungalloor- 1) Opposite Cheraman Juma Masjid, 2) Next to Gauri Sankar hospital, 3) Next to Kodungalloor bus stand.

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Hotel Akshaya

Hotel Akshaya
Credits – Sijis Rasoi Ghar

Hotel Akshaya is the latest addition to the list of best restaurants in Thrissur. Within three years of their food journey, Hotel Akshaya has been able to make an impression in people’s hearts by serving good food to them. Along with its wide range of delicious food items, their biriyani has also become people’s favorite. The fried chicken biriyani from hotel Akshaya is the best option for people who are looking for a simple biriyani with no heavy masala flavors. Hotel Akshaya is available on Swiggy and Zomato. 

Chicken Biriyani: ₹230

Location: Near Poonkunnam Junction, Thrissur

Biriyani Factory

As the name indicates Biriyani factory is an exclusive place for biriyani in Thrissur. Their menu has a wide range of biriyanis with the authentic flavors of Kerala such as Kanthari chicken biriyani, Malli aracha chicken biriyani, etc. Biriyani Factory is available on Swiggy and Zomato.

Price: from ₹130 to ₹300

Location: Poothole Road, opp. Jayalakshmi Silks, Thrissur.

Alibaba & 41 dishes

Biriyani Places In Thrissur
Credits – 159_shades

Alibaba & 41 dishes is a well-known food chain with outlets in different parts of Kerala. The Thrissur outlet is famous for its well-known Thalassery dum biriyani. Orders can be placed through Zomato and Swiggy. 

Chicken Biriyani: ₹160

Mutton Biryani: ₹200

Fish Biriyani: ₹200

Prawns Biriyani: ₹220

Beef Biriyani: ₹140

Location: Ground Floor, Manappuram Building, Kuruppam Rd, Thrissur.

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Noorjehan’s Hotpan Restaurant

Biriyani Places In Thrissur
Credits – Foodie Friendz

Another food joint from Thrissur that provides a decent biriyani is Noorjehan’s Hotpan Restaurant. They even have their own catering service to serve their biriyani for large events. You can place orders on Swiggy and Zomato 

Chicken Biriyani: ₹160

Egg Biriyani: ₹140

Fish Biriyani: ₹210

Mutton Biriyani: ₹210

Prawns Biriyani: ₹220

Location: Emerald Residency, Near KSRTC, Veliyannur, Thrissur

That was our list of best biriyani places in Thrissur. So from now on, don’t be upset when you get a biriyani craving while you’re in Thrissur!

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